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Amelie from Montmartre
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Le fabuleux destin d´Amelie Poulain

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Casting: Audrey Toutou
Mathieu Kassovitz
Yolande Moreau

Music: Yann Tiersen

The film is also known as “ Amelie“. It is one of the best French movies ever and it has achieved a big popularity all over the world. Amelie is a young, lonely and shy girl. She is like this because of her childhood, which was really very special.
She didn´t attend school, because her father thought she was very ill (even if she wasn´t). Her mother, who was a teacher, taught her on her own. Amelie only had one friend. It was her fish but unfortunately it jumped out of the bowl several times and Amelie´s mother decided not to keep it any longer. It wasn´t the only reason in fact, Amelie´s mother was a hysterical person and the fish made her angry. Every month Amelie had to be checked by a doctor - her father. This part of the film is very sad but is shown as it was very funny.The way it is introduced to us is more funny than sad.
Later Amelie´s mother dies when a Canadian tourist jumping from a spire of a local church bumps her. Since that time her husband, Amelie´s father only works in the garden to make her grave look nicer.
As soon as Amelie grows up, she leaves for Paris. She moves to a flat and gets a new job in a café, where she works as a waitress. One day she finds an old box containing small toys. Amelie gets an idea to return the box to its former owner. She says to herself:“ If I am successful, I will try to affect more people´s lives!“ It really happens and Amelie begins to change destiny of people around her. She is very wise and she prepares everything to fit perfectly. Now the film reminds us of a fairy-tale.
Amelie falls in love! However,she is not brave enough to show her feelings and to meet her love face to face.
She is afraid to show who she really is and she plans everything from the hide. She lies to herself that at first she should think about other people and then about herself. Amelie is shy as well as foxy and self-confident. She knows how to help people and her ideas are indeed original. She discoveries how to meet her love but it is very complicated and in fact she wants to put it off all the time. She uses her imagination a lot. At the end she is successful and meets her love.
You can enjoy a typical French atmosphere,which is lovely.There are many unusual scenes,very good surroundings and effects.
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