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Fruit and vegetable church
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The „Fruit and vegetable church“ was the first stop of our crew, which set us to a journey to look for historical beauties of the east Slovakia.

We get out of the bus and walked to front of the church. We waited when people got out from the church and nothing had hindered to enter the church.In the entrance we saw two lines created from apples on left side and on right side this
entrance, but that was nothing in compare with that what we saw after when we went to thorough watching inside of church.

This tradition existence more than 50 years. It is realize at the end of autumn and it is thanks to good for crop. The amaizing pictures which was created from the fruit and vegetables by the young people was amaizing! I could see a Jesus with cross on his shoulder which was created from poppy, wheat, flour and more little seeds of cereals and vegetables.

From vegetables, fruits and biggest pumkins from crop were carved a various faces. There was a mine builded from potatoes and pears. You could see carrots, apples, pepers, nuts and much more kind of fruits and vegetables.

Someone who left this church was enthusiastic but someone left church before he could see something interesting so they had only regret.
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