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Social - development of the system of non-governmental organizations as main agents of global public policy, including humanitarian aid and developmental efforts.

  - The creation of the international criminal court and international justice movements.
  - Crime importation and raising awareness of global crime-fighting efforts and cooperation.
  - The emergence of Global administrative law.

  - The spread and increased interrelations of various religious groups, ideas, and practices and their ideas of the meanings and values of particular spaces.


-quicker and easier transportation for goods and people,
-some product are cheaper,
-increases in environmental protection,
-increased free trade between nations,
-global mass media connects all the people in the world,
-spread of democratic ideals,
-providing jobs in LDCs,
-decrease in the currency difference,
-we get to know more about the other cultures,
-standardisation of product: the same products can be seen in some many places - e.g. coke and McDonalds.

-risk of diseases during transportation,
-increase in the chances of civil war in developing countries,
-intense competition between companies,
-it is harder for smaller businesses to establish themselves.

Influence of globalization in Slovak Republic:
- Influx of people from other countries.
- Stabilisation of currency.
- Better opportunities of export for Slovak companies.

Industry: U.S. Steel Košice (American company, metallurgy), Kia Slovakia (South Korean company, production of cars) Peugeot Citroen Slovakia Trnava (French company, production of cars) Samsung, Galanta (South Korean company, production of TVs) Sony, Nitra (Japan company, production of TVs).
Food: KFC (American), McDonalds (American), Coca Cola (American).
Textile: H&M (Sweden), Hugo Boss (German).
Others: Ikea (Sweden), Nokia (Finland), Allianz (German).


Negative effect (in Slovakia): Financial crises from America got into Europe (including Slovakia) couple months after beginning of it in America.

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