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We can say that each person has his/her own style and taste. We will scarlely find two individuals who agree on every detail of their dress. It is well-known that the character of people is reflected also by the manner of their dressing and by their overall appearance. It isn´t of course a hard-and-fast rule.
Fashion has acquired its contemporary look very slowly. Fashion has developed for century upon century, looked for and discovered new charms, invented ways of correctly using newly-discovered fabrics, colours, patterns and tailoring methods. We can actually say that tailoring a dress is something of an art. Just as a painter plays with different shades of colour in his painting, so also a tailor looks for details that would add ever more beauty, brilliance and glamour to a garment.
We go to tailor´s when we wish to have a made-to-measure garment tailored. The first question we are going to be asked is what garment we need and when it should be ready. The tailor or dressmaker shall measure our entire body, sleeves, bust and waist perimeter. After being measured, all we want to do is to choose the suitable and becoming cut, a good material and fix a date when we should come to try on the garment. Sometimes we go to tailor´s only to ask to have our dress, which has gone out of fashion, re-made. Maybe it is, because we still like the material and wish to continue wearing it.
There are many differences in dressing. The major contrast is noticeable between men and women. A woman is creature with a bit of vanity, who likes spend money in order to feel good about herself and to appeal others. One of the most important means of improving one´s looks is to dress according to the latest fashion. Garments properly chosen can stress a woman´s beatiful figure, the fine lines of her body or on the other hand can hide and disguise minor imperfections. A woman can very easily call attention to herself with her clothing. A skilful woman is also able to sew, knit and crochet a lot of nice things for herself and for her family.
When woman gets up in the morning she puts on her pyjamas or night gown, a light
slumber-robe. After breakfast the woman changes into her underwear. She puts on panties, bra or body shirt, slip and body robe. We must distinguish if we´re heading out to school, to work, to the garden, to visit friends or for en evening out. When we go to work, school or just shopping, a skirt or dress is always appropriate.
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