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I often suffer from a lack of free time. It isn´t easy for an young person to find the time to enjoy culture. Children aren´t generally interested in culture at their age, while adults are short of free time. Despite being so busy, almost everybody finds the time to go to the cinema, the theatre or an exhibition.
Sometimes I go to the cinema with my friends. In our town there isn´t very big cinema and the seats are uncomfortable. My favourite cinema is in Brno. It´s called Star century Olympia. I like comedies and sometimes action movies, too. My favourite films are Charlie´s angels, 40 days and 40 nights, Spider-man, Podfu(c)k, The coyote ugly, The lord of the rings and others. In order that we should be able to go to the movies or attend theatre, we have to buy a ticket. The price of a ticket varies greatly. The construction of theatre is also much more demanding than construction of a cinema. For projection all that´s needed is a movie screen and a reel of film. In a theatre there is a spacious stage with various lighting effects. Behind the stage there is a backstage area. At the beginning and end of each performance a curtain rises and falls. In the course of a performance actors appear in different costumes and masks. Often they have to change even during a single act. The theatre also needs to have facility for prompting. Our Czech theatre has a tradition going back many years. Czech theatre enjoys great popularity not only in this country but around the world. Czech actors travel abroad for performances. Many foreigners also travel for theatrical performances to our country.
Our best known theatre is the National Theatre in Prague. Tickets are expensive there and must be bought well in advance. In Prague we can also find many other theatres. A person who truly loves the theatre acquires a different view of the world. I don´t go to the theatre, bur maybe I want to go. Cinemas and theatres are the most popular cultural activities. Many of us, however, also like to visit art exhibitions. Every city has exhibition spaces, where the individual exhibitons take place. The most frequent are picture exhibitions. The exhibition may present the work of a single artist or sometimes it presents the work of several artists on a single theme. People who visit such exhibitions are mainly experts in painting, sculpture and students of art schools. In entering an exhibition hall we must usually pay a certain fee.
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