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I like sport, but I don’t do any sport. Sometimes I play basketball, football or volleyball with my friends. When I was younger I danced social dances four years. Now I know some dances.
In year 2001, there was a Winter Olympia in Salt Lake City in Australia. I watched it, but not all sports, only figure skating and bobsled. I saw grave open and the end too. I think the best was Alexej Jagudin. He won the first place in figure skating. He is from Russia. The best woman was Sarah Hugeshes. The best pair was from Russia. The best dancy pair was from France. I saw every program output. I think jury/panel choose really the best people. The most medals won Germany, then Norwegian and after that USA. Very good were our girls in biathlon. They were fifth. Their names are Jasicova, Murinova, Pavkovsekova and Mihokova. Very good was Zuzanova in Alpine skiing. She was thirty-second. She is only seventeen. But our boys in hockey weren’t good. They were thirteenth. The first was Canada, second USA and third Russia. This year was Champion ship in hockey. We were first. Our boys were the best!!! We have really good boys like Bondra, Lasak, Satan and Lintner and they played very hard and really fair. Other boys played nice hockey too. It was the fist gold medal for Slovakia. Every Slovak was very happy, when we won. Every Slovak saw that beautiful game with Russia. The coach was Filc. Russians were very sad, but winner is only one. This day is dated in Slovak history. The gold cup is located in Bratislava. Presov has football club too. It is Tatran Presov. But they are horrible. Slovak football isn’t as good as hockey. Footballers should
practice harder than now. If they train harder, maybe we will be at football as good as in hockey.
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