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1. Introduction

Generally family is a community of two or more people where parents try to bring up their children as best as they can. The main mission of the family is to stay together forever in good and bad times and support each other in all ways of their lives.

But for me family means a place where I can always come to search for help, understanding and loving care. It is a place where no matter what happened before I will be always welcomed and where I will always find home and feel safe. Everything begins when two young people decide to get married. At first they get engaged and become a fiancé and fiancée. The wedding day means for families the start of the new relationships. First two young people become a husband and a wife. This is the base for a new family but of course these young people suddenly face their new in-laws. Parents-in-law are the closest relatives. They are always ready to help to newlyweds but they also might be a disaster for them. Then there are siblings from both sides of the couple – sisters and brothers-in-law. Their children are nephews and nieces who always like visiting their uncle and auntie especially when there’s a new-born baby. It becomes a habit to have the godparents for a baby. It is usually a couple but not necessarily from among the closest family. Also good friends can be asked. These two people should be reliable and responsible people because if anything happens to parents and children become orphans they might be the ones who will bring them up. This only happens in the worst case. Normally godparents spoil their godchildren with sweets and nice things. And as the children grow and settle down in their own families their parents become grandparents. They help to keep an eye on their grandchildren, take them for a holiday and turn back their memories when they had children and were bringing them up. 2. Family status

As I said at the beginning family is a big community where we can find many different people and their life stories. So it’s natural that all these people have different marital status.

A person who isn’t married or engaged is single. That means that he/she doesn’t have any commitments. They can enjoy their freedom. Before two people get married they get engaged. Then we can talk about fiancé and fiancée. These two are expected to become husband and wife. After the wedding day two people become husband and wife.
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