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Young people
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I am 19 years old, I study at the secondary school and I am preparing for university. I don’t really have any problems with my studies, but not everything is all right. Most young people know about these feelings, I am going to tell you about my thoughts and opinions...
I know many people, but I’ve got only one friend. I used to think that I had a lot of friends, but that is not the truth. A friend is someone who listens when you need to talk about your problems, someone who gives you advice and doesn’t betray you. It is a shame that I haven’t got more people in my life whom I can trust. Surely, most of you know these problems about friendship. I read somewhere that friendship is worth more than love...
What about love? Nice word! It’s popular among poets, musicians and artists. However, this word also means heartache and fear for someone. Most people look for a perfect partner. My sister, for example, wants someone who is tall, rich, intelligent, good, faithful and funny. What do you think? Does such a man exist? I know some people who are in love with someone who does not love them in return; not everyone is strong enough to say: fine, you don’t know what you are missing out on!..
And what about parents? They always want their children to be the best and the smartest. My parents want me to become a doctor. It’s a nice profession, helping people, saving their lives and all that, but what can I do if I don’t like blood and I want to become an economist? My parents can’t imagine that I would do anything differently from what they want. They are ideal and they expect that their children will be the same. It’s not just about my future career, but also my hairstyle, clothes and friends. They think that my hobbies are worthless, that I don’t help enough at home, that the music I listen to is terrible. My parents think my life is full of problems!..
But the most serious problem for young generation is drug. Drugs are separated into two categories: soft and hard drugs. I have listed some of them here: soft drugs are alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana (pot, cannabis), hash, glue, sedatives and mushrooms; hard drugs are ecstasy, speed (amphetamines), cocaine, opium and heroin...
You can usually tell if someone is under the influence of drugs. Some of the symptoms can be red eyes, small pupils and slow movements. In addition, people under the influence of drugs often smile and giggle inappropriately, talk incoherently, act tired and/or hallucinate.
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