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Generation gap
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Every human being is unique. Perhaps that is what makes us so interesting for each other. We have our interests, opinions, likes and dislikes. We can choose the way how to spend our free time e. g. with our friends who are usually people with similar interests and opinions.
What we cannot choose is our family – brothers, sisters, but first of all – our parents.
We don΄t agree with them for many times. Our opinions differ, our ideas differ, our feelings and interests differ so much as well. This is called „generation gap.“ Twenty or thirty years make one generation and each generation has its own problems with somebody or something. Young generation is alive, sharp, crazy, exploding. On the other side there is older sometimes unfair, old-fashioned generation, which young people could hate for their strict orders. But is the difference between us and our parents really so awful ?
Sometimes we cannot understand them and they can΄t understand us, too. Older generation think that the world hasnVt changed. But they are wrong. The world has always changed, mind has changed and life has advanced.
Our parents forbit us to do things they did when they were in our age. They always tell us what to do, e. g. „Clean your room! Do your homework! Dress properly! Turn the tape recorder down ! Come home early!“. Parents never seem to have time for their children. They come home late and very tired from work. Parents are not patient and have no respect for children΄s opinions but they may sometimes be true. Parents think that their chidren are sometimes lazy and they do not work hard, they do not think about their future and they waste their qualities. According to parents they have to be strict on their chidren – it is for children΄s good, children should obey their parents, should keep the rules.

In Slovak language there is one nice saying : „The bull has already forgotten that he was a calf“. This saying is suitable for almost all parents. They do not talk to us for the smallest mistakes. What do you think ? do our parents never make mistakes ?
I think that young people have similar problems all over the world.

Some other says :
„You can΄t teach an old dog new ticks.“
„Strike iron while it΄s hot.“.
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