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Sports and games
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People got new possibilities and new ideas how to spend their spare time. Nowadays, sports are one of the most popular leisure time activities. Sports play an important part in the life of people all over the world. Sports offer us refreshments, relaxation, keep us fit physically and mentally and help us to lose some weight and build our muscles. During sports events you can meet a lot of new people and see how it feels to be a winner or a loser. The increase of interest in sports is best illustrated by the appearance of new sports facilities (playgrounds, sport halls, covered pools, stadiums, tennis courts, fitness centres etc.). Kinds of sports

We can divide sports and games into several categories: outdoor, indoor, summer and winter.
Outdoor sports – golf, skiing (cross-country, downhill, slalom, ski jumping), sledding, windsurfing, fishing, climbing, hiking, horse riding, yachting, diving, water skiing, etc.
Indoor sports – table tennis, gymnastics, chess, boxing, wrestling, snooker, aerobic, etc.
Ball games, athletics (sprint, high and long jump, etc.), swimming, tennis, skateboarding and skating (figure skating, speed skating, roller skating) may be practised both outdoors and indoors.
Summer sports – athletics, aquatic sports, ball games, cycling, hiking, skateboarding, etc.
Winter sports – skiing, snowboarding, skating, ice-hockey, snowball fighting, etc. Popular sports and games in the Czech Republic, GB and the USA

Czech Republic
In our country ball games rank among the most popular ones. They include especially football, volleyball, basketball, handball and tennis. Ice-hockey is played at a very high level here too.

Volleyball - It is a popular ball game, which can be played indoors (each team has six players) while in beach volleyball, which is played outdoors on sand, teams consist of two players each. This game is played on a volleyball court of size 9 by 18 metres. Across the court there is a net in a height of 2,43 m. You play it with a white or coloured ball. The team consists of six players (2 of them are smash-men, 2 of them make blockade, 2 of them pass the ball to smash-men who should score). It´s played till one team reaches 25 points – it means that they win the set. When you win two sets, you also win the match.

Great Britain
The English are great lovers of competitive sports, and when they are neither playing nor watching games they talk about them.
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