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Sports and games
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The Olympics were renewed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1896, and today as well as in ancient times they take place every four years. Pierre de Coubertin was born in Paris and he believed in the Greek athletic ideal of perfection of mind and body. Since 1924 there are two parts of the games. The winter part and the summer part, which alternate once every two years.

The symbol of the Olympic Games is the Olympic Flag with five connected circles, which stand for the friendship of all the races from the five continents. These circles are against white background and their colours are blue (Europe), black (Africa), red (America), yellow (Asia), green (Australia). Motto of the Olympic Games is "faster, higher, stronger". The aims of the Olympic movement are to promote sport, to create a more peaceful and friendly world, to bring athletes together in a great sport festival and to spread these Olympic principals.

My attitude to sports

In our town there aren´t many sports facilities. There is a football field, new fitness centre and sauna, basketball pitch, sportsground and two gyms. I think it´s enough, but there isn´t a swimming pool. It´d be great on hot summer days. We have our PE lessons twice a week. Before the lesson starts we change into sports wear in a dressing room. Our lessons are usually filled with playing volleyball or doing gymnastics. We don´t do anything else bacause our teacher can´t think of any other game. In our gym we have bad equipment. Everything it´s too old.

I don´t watch sports on TV because I don´t have time for it. But my favourite sportsmen are D. Coulthard, S. Eberharter, K. Neumannová, A. Valenta and my parents (my father plays tennisfootball and my mother does aerobics).

When I was small, I learned to swim, to ski and to ride a bike. I´ve practised various sports such as orienteering run, sledding, snowball fighting, skating, swimming, skiing and I´ve even tried skateboarding. Nowadays I have a passion for doing aerobics. My mother is an instructor. I go to the gym to train three times a week. My other favourite sports are floorball, volleyball (thanks to my friend), basketball, skiing and swimming. Every winter we go to the mountains to downhill ski. I do sports only for pleasure and because I can be with friends and enjoy the play.
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