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My Favourite Room
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I think my favourite room is the favourite room of anyone I know and perhaps of those I don't know. I'm talking about a room, where we spent at least one and a half hour a day (,if there is a television). I gues, now you all now. It's the living room.
My living room isn't as large as those living rooms you can see in the telly, in these superb houses. It has the right measures, I think at least 4x4 meter. The room is all coloured with a gentle yellow touch. You can think, that's horrible, but with the right colour combination of furniture and couch it looks magnificant. The funrniture, as I strarted, is a little bit older and seems to be a real rarity. The truth is it looks like that, because there is a lot of natural light flooding the whole area and you're a little bit blinded when you come in. The couch is the crown and the jewel of this place. It is the softest and most best situated place in the entire house. You can watch the telly, see who's coming in, and if your fed up with all of this, just look out of the windows. There are also some other thing, like some pictures, little tables with little stools near our own little bar, you can use whenever you want. Thew kitchen is just a jump along farther.
Now we have camed to the main point of the living room. The heart, naturally, is the television with the video and hifi system. I'm proud of these three electronical features. They're great and even more there can be connected together, so it makes big pleasure to watch my favourite film in my favourite room.
It's true, that I now don't have enough time to spent in this great room, but when the time is offered I don't consider long time. It is on these gray days when the weather goes mad and you can't do anything outdoors or on celebrations of any important events, when I'm a little bit happy, that I can enjoy my living room.
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