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Holidays is very important for people who work all the year round. They go on holiday to take rest, forget their problems, get away from large noisy cities or just have a change their life.

Those who like warm and sunny days take their holidays in summer. Others like to go skiing to the mountains in winter. A lot of people travel and visit other countries. They go abroad because they want to know new countries, people and their customs, or they want to learn foreign languages.

Our people like to spend their holidays at the seaside because we haven`t got sea in Slovakia. At the seaside they swim, sunbathe or play games on the beach.

But there are also a lot of people who prefer to stay at home in their native country, because they think they should know all the interesting places and areas of their country. Tourists who are interested in nature and history visit our national parks, nature reserves or castles and museums. In large cities there are a lot for sights and people can go on sightseeing tours.

Young people like to go camping or hiking. It is a cheap holidays, because they stay at camping sites and sleep in tents. Families with small chidren usually stay at bungallows or cottages and older people who need more comfort can stay at hotels.

Package holidays are very popular, too. A package holiday is a holiday where the holiday-maker pays all expences in advance i. e. food, hotel, excursions and so on. Tourists can travel with a travel agency or privately.
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