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Did you know that ....

““ It is no wonder that Canadians are good at winter sports, since Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world. In the north it is bordered by the Arctic Ocean, and its Arctis islands extend to within 800 km of North Pole.
““ Canada, the second largest country in the world, has only 25 million inhabitans.
““ Canada – this word is Indian origin and means Village. First inhabitans – Indians and Eskimos (Eskimo = person who eat raw meat).
““ Over most of the central part the ground is covered with snow from the middle of November until late in March.
““ Canada has the biggest shiping canal in the world. On the St. Lawrence Seaway big ships can sail 320 km into the heart of Canada.
““ almost all Canadians live in the South on large farms and in big cities such as :

Vancouver - The most beautiful island in Pacific Ocean
- The biggest part in Canada
Montreal - The centre of French – speaking Canadians
Ottawa - capital
Toronto - If you want to see the tallest building in the world today, you have to travel to this town. There we can find the Canadian National Tower, which is 1 815 feet tall, 170 feet wide at the base. On the top of the concrete shaft, there is a steel transmission mast. Inside there are important parts and machinery of the tower. These are television, radio and telegraph broadcasting facilities, two observation rooms and a revolving restaurant, which does a complete turn every 1 ½ hours. At 1 570 feet there`s another observatory area, called the Eagle`s Nest. There are 4 lifts to take tourists up to the observation rooms. In just 1 minute, you reach the top. In strong winds, the Empire State Building sways from side to side. But The CN Tower is designed to resist the strongest winds.
Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, city of ethnic minorities.

““ Niagara Falls – the most famouse water-falls in the world – lie about halfway on the Niagara river, which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. They are made up of the American Falls (which belong to the US) and the Horseshoe Falls (which belong to Canada).
Every minute almost 23 million liters of water plunge 51 meters splashing with huge power on the rocks below, leaving them covered with white foam. Niagara Falls offer a great number of ways you can admire their beauty.
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