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The most widely used is to take one of the Maid of the Mist boats right up to the waterfalls.

““ There are important differences between Canada and The US. Canada is less crowded and less hurried than The US. Canadians are still busy civilizing half a continent, searching for metals and oil, building, communications, creating new comunities, welcoming immigrants. Canada exports metals, fish, wheat (the prairies are very fertile), coal, lumber, oil.

““ Canada is independent federation of 10 provincies and 2 territories within the Commonwealth. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II and the head of government the Canadian Prime Minister.

““ Canadian Indians – about 280 000 – have chosen to remain on reserves where they get welfare and health benefits. SOME FACTS ABOUT CANADA
- second largest country in the world (10 million km2)
- it`s bordered by the Arctic Ocean, USA
- population : 25 million people, with low density (2 or 3 inhabitans within km2), they live in the south. More 40 % British, 30 % French, 20 % German, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Eskimos and Indians.
- The name Canada is of Indian origin (kanata = village). Main occupation of Indians and Eskimos – fishing, hunting

- western part – very mountainons and rocky ( the highest peak is Mont Logan near Alaska border), Cordilleras
- east coast – lowlans
- on west and east – large prairies suitable for agriculture
- rivers : St. Lawrence – important seaway, the Machenzie, the Yukon, the Columbia
- great lakes : Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario, Michigan (Niagara Falls = Horseshoe)

- most for inhabited parts of Canada have a continental climate – summers are hot `nd long, winter are rather cold
- on the Pacific coast – milder climate
- in the north – arctic climate

- Canada is rich in raw materials – gold, zinc, silver, nickel ...
- 1/3 of the country is covered with forest (Canada – exportes of wood `nd wood products)
- mining industry, iron `nd steel industry, hydro-electric industry, fishing industry

- agricultural products : wheat, dairy products, fruits `nd vegetables, tobaco

- independant federation within the British Commonwealth (10 provinces `nd 2 territories)
- formal head Queen Elisabeth II (Governor General represents her)
- The Prime Minister is the head of Government
- capital – Ottawa, other big cities : Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary
- English `nd French – equeal official languages
- flag : maple leaf, anthem : O, Canada.
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