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My daily programme
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For each of us time means anything else and our daily programmes cannot be the same and be strictly determined in an equal way. „Use your time in the best way each day!“ the saying goes and this should probably be accepted by everybody.

And how do I use my time? Well, it depends on whether I go to work or I have got a day off.
My working day, or I could better say my working time is divided into day shifts and night shifts, so a day plan is not always the same, of course. In case of a day shift, my working day starts rather early. I am forced to abandon my sweet dreams, open the eyes and wake up, when I hear that awful sound of my alarm clock and my mobile phone which are turned precisely at 3.30 a.m. I always have to set up two alarms just to be sure I won´t oversleep. Although I hate getting up and leaving that warm place – my bed, there isn´t any possibility but to do it. Then I wash myself, dress (what sometimes takes me a lot of time as I can´t decide which clothes to put on) and after that I have got little breakfast. As I don´t live and work in a same town, I travel to work by bus or train what takes me about fourty minutes. My day shift then begins at six a.m. and lasts exactly twelve hours so I leave my working place at six p.m. When I come back home, I have enough time just for some light dinner, reading awhile, having shower and at about 10.30 p.m. I am already in bed. This is repeated the next day again. Two working days are then taken over by two working nights. I work again twelve hours but this time it is inverted, it´s from six p.m. till six a.m. And that means that I have to make my body rest in sleep through a day, what is sometimes quite hard. But I´m getting used to it. My waking up is also dependent on whether I have the first or the second night shift, because in the first case I´m not sleepy in the morning yet, so I can get myself out of bed at about eight o´clock, have a fresh shower and then some tasty breakfast in rest. The breakfast is followed by dressing and activities which I have to or I want to do. Among the necessary and usually not done with great excitement ones belong those like housework, including cleaning, ironing, hoovering and cooking as –well, but I´m always trying to avoid it as often as it is possible, because preparing meals is not my best point.

Moreover, as a big garden where we grow vegetables, plants, flowers and also breed some animals, is attached to our house, caring for all of these belongs to my daily chores. After lunch I spend time by doing my hobbies. I mostly put my mind to working with a computer, playing games, watching TV or improving my English and German. Then I leave home at about 4.30 p.m. to catch bus or train to work.
The second day of a night shift goes likewise with the exception of longer sleep during the day. I usually wake up then not until midday and do not so much work and hobbies afterwards.
So, my days of work look like that. Although during next four days I am exempt from going to work, these days go incredibly fast. My days off are largely filled with activities which I am interested in. I start a new day by little „torturing“ my body. I either go jogging or, in case of bad weather, do Tae-bo exercise. After that, common jobs like showering, dressing and eating breakfast joined with skipping through newspapers or magazines follow. In order to keep my mind and brain fit, I study for a while and then do what is needed to be done and what is a pleasure to do. I also like shopping, as probably every girl and woman, but only when my financial situation allows me that. But hanging out with friends is probably the most enjoyable and most taking-time hobby. I also enjoy chating through the internet but it never can´t be like when you talk to a real person and you can look straight into his or her eyes while doing it.

And speaking to people and communicating with them is also one part of my job. Nowadays and especially in my area, most people seem to pick their employment according to how much money it pays but the problem is there aren´t many high-paying jobs here. But work is a blessing not a curse, so we shouldn´t consider just a hight of our income. My actual work is a place of a receptionist at a small cozy hotel in the western part of Slovakia. I have been working there for nearly two years, actually, I have been among the first of all employees since the hotel has been opened. As I wrote earlier I work in relays what has both advantages and disadvantages as-well. When I look on my work positively, I can say it is not hard, at least not physically hard, job. You know, I just sit in a comfortable chair, welcome our guests when they arrive and say them goodbye when they check out. I am also responsible for reservations made in our hotel.
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