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Description of a person
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Description of a person

I can't clearly remember my first sight of Thomas, my friend, but it was something special. It was in the nursery school.

We were five years old and started to recognise what is around us. At the end of one borring lesson, I slept, I saw a little boy. He was build very athletic, his 40 kilogram divided on the 2ft 1 in looked quite interesting. His short straight hair appeared to my like the on of an oriental swordmaster and his round face with a little turned-out nose couldn't be more from the eastern civilization. The pale skin and smooth complexion with this fresh smile was just as delicious as of a baby. The green flashing eyes with thin eyebrows and long eyelashes were shouting: "I'm the boss." He wore some brown trousers, blue pullover and a white T-shirt. All this made an impression that he is a very self-confident and strong personality.

Now, thirteen years ago, he hadn't changed a lot. Of course, he is a little bit taller (just a bit) and lost this light in his face, especially the eyes haven't got this power as they used to. His look now asks you: "Who are You?"
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