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If you travelled to GB or USA what would you like to see?
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If you travelled to GB or USA what would you like to see?

If you like travelling, you should visit Great Britain and the USA. These both states have much to offer. Unfortunately, I have never been either to GB or to the USA. But most of my friends have been to GB and my younger sister has been to the USA and Alaska.

If you want to travel to Great Britain you don`t need visa any more. We are already the member of the European Union and Great Britain too, so we needn`t have it.
The informations about ways of transport and about accommodation are very important. To GB you can travel by bus, car or plane, which is the fastes way of transportation to get where you want. The bus is the most often form of transport for students and young people. Although it`s not very comfortable but it isn`t very expensive, too. And accommodation? The cheapest possibility is staying at some friends. If you don`t have this possibility, you can stay in a hotel, a motel, a youth hostel or a camp. Everything depends on your financial situation and your taste, because the price categories are different and you can choose from many possibilities.

What do you think at first, when you hear Great Britain? My first idea will belong to London. London with its black taxi cabs and red double deckers.
So, what can we visit and see in London? London is historically and politically , two cities: the City of London and the City of Westminster.
The Tower of London was best known as a prison. The Tower has been put to many uses such as a royal residence, zoo, Royal Mint and a museum with the Crown Jewels.
St. Paul`s Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London. This cathedral is the largest church dome in the world after St. Peter`s in Rome. A curiosity of this cathedral is its Whispering Gallery. If you whisper your name to the wall on one side, the wall on the opposite side whispers it back.
The City of Westminster is the nerve centre of the administration, with Parliament and Government offices.
What you shouldn`t miss, is the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is the bell in the tower, that forms part of the Houses of Parliament. Officially called the Palace of Westminster, there was a royal palace here in the middle ages.

Westminster Abbey is a gothic cathedral dating from the 11th century. It is burial place of kings, site of modern coronations.
The home of the Monarch since Queen Victoria is the Buckingham Palace. It`s called after Duke of Buckingham. Every day in the summer at 11.30 a. m. you can see the changing of the guard.
Downing Street 10 is a very famous place. It has been the home of British Prime Ministers.
To the British way of life belongs to the Trafalgar Square with its Nelson`s column, Landseer`s lions, feeding the pigeons and jumping in the fountains. Around the sides is the National Gallery which houses one of the world`s richest collections of paintings.

Piccadilly Circus is London`s hub. Five major roads converge here – most of the theatres are within a few hundred yards of it.
Other places, which are worth visiting, are Greenwich Village and Madame Tussaud`s. Greenwich Village lies to the east of London and offers many attractions. The Old Royal Observatory has recently been moved from its 0-degrees-longitude site, though you can still stand astride the prime meridian in Greenwich. Madam Tussaud`s is a national institution, where you can meet your favourite, adored popstar, sport ideal, politician or her Majesty. Although, they are not alive, only made from wax, they look wonderful and you have a nice experience to stand next to all those celebrities and stars.

But GB is not only London. This country has many other original and gorgeous places. Cities Cambridge and Oxford are insepareble from their universities. Liverpool is a home of world famous Beatles, Stradford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of Willliam Shakespeare, Dover is well-known for its white cliffs.
Stonegenge near Salisbury is surely Britain`s greatest national icon, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. Its original purpose is unclear to us.

If you have a possibility to visit Great Britain, use it. You will never regret it.
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