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What is the family?

Generally family is a community of two or more people where parents try to bring up their children as best as they can. The main mission of the family is to stay together forever in good and bad times and support each other in all ways of their lifes.

What does family mean for me?

For me family means a place where I can always come to search for help, understanding and loving care. It is a place where no matter what happened before I will be always welcomed and where I will always find home and feel safe.

Family status

A person who isn’t married or engaged is single. That means that he/she doesn’t have any commitments. They can enjoy their freedom. Before two people get married they get engaged. Then we can talk about fiancé and fiancée. These two are expected to become husband and wife. After the wedding day two people become husband and wife. They have common surnames and commitments.
When they become older, naturally one person dies. This could happen accidentally as well. The woman becomes a widow and man is a widower.
When two married people don’t share the same ideas about the way of life they can divorce each other. Then their marital status is divorced. After the death of a wife or a husband or divorce - people can get married again. Then they are remarried.
People who are not lucky in a searching the life partner and they’ve crossed the age about 27 – 30 years we called a spinster or a bachelor.

There are some disadvantages and advantages of being single or married:
- you have a lot of spare time
- you don’t have to cook for anybody
- you can keep your money for yourself if you don’t support your parents or someone else
- you are independent and you can carry out your things on your own
- you don’t have to care for other members of family.
- you feel quite contented and happy
- you have a feeling that someone needs you
- you still look for your future partner which becomes harder and harder as you turn older
- your parents try to organize your spare time, because they think that if you are still single you still belong to them
- you have to deal your housework on your own
- you often feel sad or empty because you don’t have anybody round to talk to or to look after

The most important thing in the marriage is to adjust to your life partner and to your children and to their needs.
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