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Sports and games
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1) kinds of sport (team, individual, summer, winter, attractive, recreation, professional)
2) the sport that I like (active, passive) and why?
3) importance of sport for personal development (physical and mental health, character)
4) competitions, Olympic Games, important sport’s undertakings
5) negative appearances in sport (honour, money, doping)

1) Sports are one of the most popular physical activities that people do for exercise to keep fit or because they enjoy them. Such a form of relaxation as sports is refreshing, can help take off some weight, and makes use of one’s skills and strength. Last but not least, during sports events one can meet a lot of new people and see how it feels to be a winner or a loser.
Usually all sports and games can be divided into groups according to different criterions.

a) The games are usually all- season activities, and they are practised both indoors and outdoors. Typical indoor sports are bowling, playing darts, snooker or billiards, table tennis, weight- lifting, aerobics or gymnastics. They are practised in gymnasiums or in sport centres. On the other hand, there is wide variety of outdoor sports like skiing, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, golf, rowing or windsurfing.

b) The most popular team (collective) sports are football (AmE soccer), basketball, volleyball, handball, ice- hockey, cricket, rugby and baseball. From individual sports we can mention swimming, skiing, aerobics, jogging…

c) We can divide sports and games into summer (angling, golf, parachuting, water- skiing…) and winter sports (skiing, ski- jumping, tobogganing, figure- skating, speed- skating, bobsleigh…), but a lot of them can be practised all seasons because of a great number of gymnasiums, stadiums, courts, playgrounds, sport centres, swimming pools…

d) Some of the people do sports only for pleasure. They are amateurs or non- professionals. On the other hand, some people achieving excellent result stop being amateurs and become professionals, which means that they get paid to do a sport. They have to work very hard because they attend many competitions and the main goal is to win.

e) Ball games: tennis, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball…
Water sports: angling, yachting, rowing, canoeing, water- jumping, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, scuba diving, water polo, swimming (crawl, dolphin stroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke, breaststroke).

Athletics: high jump, pole- jump, long jump, triple jump, track and fields events, long- distance runs, marathon, hurdle- race, cross- country run, walking race, relay race, pentathlon, decathlon, javelin/ discus/ hammer throw.
Weightlifting and combat sports: karate, judo, boxing, power training and wrestling
Shooting and archery: shooting, fencing, archery
Dangerous and extreme sports: bungee- jumping, B.A.S.E. jumping, street luge, repelling, rock climbing, sky- surfing, sky- boarding, mountain biking, white- water rodeo, snowboarding, back- country endurance racing. In extreme sports the main idea is live and learn: learn or die. Thrills are addictive, but an adrenaline jones can be beaten.

Board games: billiard, chess, cards, scrabble…
Other sports and games: cycling, motorcycling, horse- riding, badminton, squash, mountaineering, roller- skating, car- racing, flying, gliding, hang- gliding…
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