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Fashion is an important thing in the modern society. Thinking about profession like model or bussinesman it can even decide about one`s succes in a carrieer– for example a lawyer with messy hair and dirty tie does not look like the one to be trusted. Fashion first became important in the Ancient cultures. The first methods of improving the image to the likings were made up in those days .Those have been advanced during the centuries to the present state. Some of then use the fact about our eye – it is easily fooled. So if we have a wee bit overweight we try wearing small paterns or plain clothes combinated with dark colours. These make us look slim. Unlike the dark colours,
The light ones make us broad and practicaly white is popular among the thin ones. Sripes are also interisting – vertical stripes make us taller while horizontal make us broader. So girls who want a narrower waist do not wear horizontal stripes while it may be used by boys to increase the width of their shoulders. There are also many pattern styles –doted, checked , striped, etc. The most difficult part is to put the clothes together so they are well combined and look natural. This „ dress sense “ is needed to combine the clothes to work togenther. Look is also a symbol of identity , for example if you see a boy in the eton suit whenever in the UK you`ll bet he is attending private school .
Rockers wear leather , Rastafarians wear loose things , bussinesmen wear suits , etc. Another important part of our image is hair. It is said that it is the most versatile part of your body and this proves to be true – you can cut it down or let it grow , it can be decorated with slices or ribbons. You can change its colour by dyeing it or bleaching it .
There are 3 main hair styles : Straight , curly and wavy but if you`re not happy with your hair you can straighten curly hair or curl straight ones – No problem Indeed !. You can create a lot of shapes by using razors ,scissors or clippers. And because it always grows again you needn`t worry. If you had cut your hair down and you din`t want to wait until it grew again you would use wig. Wigs were popular in the Ancient Egypt for milleniums. In Europe , they began to be worn by the aristocracy in the 17th century. Nowdays, they are still worn by judges in the UK.
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