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Hair is a strong symbol of group indentify – punks wear spikes , skins are well recognized by their stubbles , rastas wear dreadlocks , etc.
An another aspect of fashion is the colour.
The different colour you use , the different feeling you get.
For example green is less tiring so the surgeons wear green suits, grey is an annonymous colour worn by people who don`t want to be noticed.
Blue expreses peace and this is why the United Nation`s flag is light blue. White is the colour of purity and strenght while red and black give a feeling of danger. That`s why they are popular among sport cars (Ferrari).
Many people make money from fashion. Let`s mention hairdressers. Hairdressers posses the art of cutting hair and are masters in using their gear – combs, razors,hairdryers,gel,mousse, grease, etc. They can change your hairstyle in a few minutes but can be very expensive .
Some of them made millions from the elite models.
All in all , fashion is an neverending human effort to make us look better and different.
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