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I celebrate Christmas in the circle of my family. We usually buy presents,food and all Christmas decorations a long time before Christmas.I send a lot of Christmas cards with the best wishes to my friends and relatives. We decorate our flat.My little sister likes decorating the Christmas tree.On 24th December we prepare the things for Christmas dinner since early morning. My family is religious and we visit the church,because of a special Mass.

We start to have Christmas dinner at about 5.30 p.m. Before eating we pray for a while,we read some stories from the Bible and we have a glass of alcohol.We clink glasses and wish Merry Christmas to each other. Then we have dinner which consists of a few courses. We have lentil soup.The last course is a carp and potato salad. Finally,we eat nuts and fuits.We finish our dinner with Christmas wafers and honey.

After eating we take the presents which are under the Christmas tree. Everybody is happy. At midnight we go to church again. On 25th December we have a big lunch and go to church. My parents sing Christmas carols. We visit many households where we wisch a Happy New Year and all the best to people. On 26th December we go to church and we visit our relatives and friends. I am happy,because we are all happy, but I am a little bit sad, because it is the end of Christmas.
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