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Slovakia is a country with many interests and rarities which are centralized on the relatively small place. And this is the Slovak primacy. All what its nature, country, its historic memories and single habitations hand, all interests and secrets, they are hidden would-be in a small box. They are treasures which are uncovered particularly people who are able to perceive them with their hearts.
Slovakia is situated in central Europe, it has the significant strategic base in this area. It ranks among small states according to number of inhabitants and extent. It has a continental base and from European states it is the most apart from the sea. The Adriatic Sea is the nearest sea. Slovakia is connested with the sea by the River Danube. It connests Slovakia with The Black Sea and via the canals with The Northern Sea. The territory of Slovakia is constrained from the surrounding countries by borders. Most of them are formed by mountains (about 40 %) and rivers (about 37 %). The total length of borders is 1602 km. Slovakia abuts with The Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. For many centuries Slovakia belonged to the kingdom of Hungary; more recently it was a part of Czechoslovakia. It became an independent state on 1st January 1993. The Slovak capital city is Bratislava. Slovakia is a republic, the head of state is the president (Rudolf Schuster). The legislative organ is the National Council and the governing organ is the Government. The head of the government is the Prime Minister (Mikuláš Dzurinda). Interests, rarities and historic memories
The place, which is marked as a centre of Europe, is situated on the territory of Slovakia. It is marked by a table on the rock near the Romancatholic Church above the village Kremnické Bane. The middle of Slovakia is on the hill called „Hrb“. Memories which are written in the list of world cultural inheritance: historic town Banská Štiavnica, Spiš´s castle with surrounding memories, Vlkolínec (relic reservation of folk architecture).
The most significant mining town - Banská Štiavnica
„The most Middle Ages“ town - Levoča
Towns with the biggest squares - Rožňava, Spišská Nová Ves
These are some interests of Slovakia. When you visit Slovakia, you can see a lot of historic memories, interests and rarities. You can find them on the special map which you can buy in special shops in Slovakia.
I think, Slovakia is a small kingdom for curious travellers.
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