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Progressive technology Internet.
Internet has become the most important source of information. Nowadays many people started using of Internet for its informational character that gives you an opportunity to find the information you need. There are millions of information that creates society. Nowadays internet gives you the opportunity for quicker sending of information as e-mails, chat, ICQ, it opens the door as information source for not highly developed in case of education gives work to millions of people, supports advertisement of companies, gives chance to handicapped to be informed and beside this has been helping to create world freedom.
Nowadays, Internet became an important part of education in the third world. Several years ago it was very complicated to create educational program for poor countries of Afrika. Those online educational program for people in Afrika are very successful and people like to use them. Trying to find teachers that want to go to teach in Afrika and starting educational program is hard because of worse live conditions and problems as infective diseases in this part of the world. These days Internet has became the solution for this situation. The Internet is giving opportunity to start collecting sources from science and education that are important for studying. The Universities in Afrika aplicate Internet communication with their colleagues from developed part of the word and using this way to make the curriculum of their universities more professional. There are also virtual educational systems where the role of teacher is replaced by the computer. Teachers from online educational school teach their lesson on Internet and the student can take the lesson from wherever where is Internet (World Wide Learn, 2000). Using computer are students listening and watching to the teacher’s lesson. This is the way, which has helped to the world education and is giving information to students in the Africa.
Next vital role of Internet is help promote companies in the large area of the market. Advertisement nowadays becomes the basic part of strategy in developed market. The need for advertisemens starts to create different styles and ways for promotion of products or services. When some company wanted to promote their products they need to invest to many different media for finding the way have to give information to large scale of costumers. Internet brings nice solution for creating not very expensive advertisement.
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