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Every day hundreds of people travel from one place to another. They travel to work, to school, or on business. Many people travel for pleasure and traveling has recently become one of the most popular hobbies. Many young people travel for education. Travelling is also an interesting way of spending holidays. In every season of the year the airports, railways stations, seaports, bus stops are full of people tarvelling for long or short distances.

Travelling by car is very comfortable and also fast. Moderne cars have soft seats and a lot of space for legs. Travelling by car has many advantages. You can stop, where and when you want. And the space for your laggage in the trunk of the car is quite large. But there is also a disadvantages- cars are quite expensive and also petrol is expensive. If you want to drive you have to have your driving licence and know the traffic rules.
We don´t have car. I don´t have a driving licence because I´m not eighteen. I can´t drive but I want to learn because I will need it.

Travelling by bus isn´t very comfortable because busses are usually full of people and are often late some they are dirty. The adventages is that bus stops are almost everywhere also in small villages.
Buses usually go twice more than the train during the day.I sometimes travel by bus when I go shoping to Trencin.

Travelling by train is quit comfortable so you can sleep, eat or read on the train but trains are sometimes crowded and delayed. You can buy the tickets at the railway station.Trains are more expensive than buses only for greater distances, the difference is not very big. On buses you must sit in your seat but in trains you can stand up and walk around. There are express- and slow- trains. The express trains are faster and they have less stops and they are earlier in the destination. The slow trains have more stops and they are really slow. I don´t often travel by train.

Travelling by plane is very comfortable and very fast. There are domestic flights – in one country, international flights – from country to country, intercontinental flights – from continent to continent. The major airports in Slowakia are in BA and KE. During the flight they can read a book or magazines, sleep, listen to music or talk with other people. Sometimes they can watch TV. Flight attendents serve them drinks, snacks or hot meals. You can sit in the 1. class tourist class which is cheaper. I don´t traveled by plane but I want.

Travelling by ship is not very use in Slowakia because the places where is the water are not much. I traveled by ship when I was eighton the holiday in BA. I don´t know what is a price of ship ticket but I think it isn´t cheap.

Many young people of all countries of the world like travelling by bike. Some go to school by bike, others prefer cycling as a sport or a hobby. Summer is the best season for cycling tours. We have a bike every one in our family. I like travelling by bike because it is cheap, healthy and good for environment.
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