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My house
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I live in family house in Jasenov. In our house live 7 people, my grandparents down and my family up. Grandparents live on the ground floor. At first there are a very small hall with small wardrobe for shoes and rug. They have one kitchen, opposite are the living room, and next are bedroom. Opposite the bedroom is long hall, where is buttery, toilet and two laundries. My family live on the first floor. When you go up the stairs from the ground floor, you can see my and brother’s favourite room, bedroom. It is quite small, with a big window in front of the door. There are some wardrobes, and bookcases on the right side of this room. We have there our books, exercises books, some photos and things which belong to us. In the past, the biggest wardrobe was on the right side and the table was opposite the window. But five year ago we changed it. Now we have there more space. But it isn’t so important for us, because we are too big to play there with toys. We have here tables and ours beds, so we sleep here. On the wall, which is next my bed, there are my posters of footballers.

Opposite of my bedroom is bedroom of my parents and my sister. They have 1 big marriage bed and one small bed of my sister. There are a lot of wardrobes, where we have dresses. Next to my bedroom in toilet, where is big mirror, bath, lavatory and shelf, where we have shower gels, shampoo etc. Next to toilet is buttery, where we have many confections. Next to buttery is the kitchen. There are a carpet, table, six chairs, rubbish bin, flowers, fridge and freezer. In this room we have a wall which is situated spice rack, soup plate, knives, spoon, forks, dresser, plates, kitchen scales and microwave. There is also the TV and break up bed.
From the kitchen you can enter the living room. In the living room there are TV, set five wardrobes, great mirror, flowers and one great picture. There are also two carpets settee with two armchairs and one stools, the coffee table, computer, the table for old record, four beautiful flowers, and wall, where is situated books, alcohol, glassware. My dream house should be situated in, or near the forest or beach. It has to be big, with many rooms, some swimming pool and basin, gym. But the house needs some servants because I hate tiding up. In front of house have to be a big garden, with a gridiron and some barriers for a bike. There have to be some TV-s with really big screen, Hi-fi system with big loud speakers. Very important are also big windows and computer.
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