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I think, people have always travelled. Travelling takes up more time in our lives. They have searched for food, ran away from danger. Tourism is versatile sector, which include transport, touristy equipment, which provides education and alimentation, services of travelling agencies, guard’s services, touristy information system and many other services. Advertising is very important for prosperous travel industry. Improvement of tourism and his controlling stands for not only economic
addition but has positive effect for holdback initial traditions and cultures, for safekeeping environment and is important factor for peacement co-existence. However, tourism also has many disadvantages. When you are going to another country, you need passport. For many countries you also need especial permission to enter a foreign country called visa. To have visa you must contact the embassy. Tourism also death everything, what it touch. It leaves much pollution. Tourists are sometimes very unkind, naughty, hostile and very noisy. Spain, Greece, Italy and Egypt earn more from tourism than anything else. According to a recent survey the people who travel the most are German, American, British and Russians. More tourists mean many problems, for example longer delays at the airports, polluted seas and destroyed cultural remains. Many feeble countries are mining from the tourism. For example Turkey and Kenya. But almost never services are answering for a prize. But Slovakia is an ideal country for evolving tourism. The High Tatras are a magnet for tourists because of wonderful scenery of beautiful nature. Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic. Its dominant historic feature is the Castle, which looks like a table upside-down. Slovakia also has many castles and museums, for
example Devin and the Slovak National Gallery and Museum. But we haven’t one tourist attraction – sea.
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