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How do you like care of your health?
When I have time, I like go out in nature, or I like some sports, f.g. cycling, or swimming. I cant eat health food, but its only my aberrance.

What is the ideal of many people living in developed democracies?
A healthy, strong and beautiful body is an ideal of majority of people and not only of the young ones. It is not so very difficult to pursue this aim if you live in a developed country whith a highly developed welfare system and good conditions for health care.

What is the definition of health?
The World Health Organization has defined health as a state of physical , psychical and social prosperity and not only as the absence of disease.

Why has health become an international issue?
The problem of the development of human being is just like the protection of nature and enviroment, an international issue. The idea of the necessity of international health cooperation has originated.

What is the program of the World Health Organization?
The program of the WHO includes organizing international medical conferencies, the development of welfare systems especially in the countries of the Third World, the prevention and inspection of illnesses, advisory and informative servise concering epidemics like the plague, cholera, small-pox, typhus, malaria and virus diseases like flu or infantile paralysis.

Research of which diseases is now realized on an international basis?
A great part of medical research is realized on the basis of cooperation and coordination among different countries, more recently, especially the research of cancer and AIDS.

What is AIDS?
It is the viral disease that impairs the immune system of the human body which thus can get any infection.

When and where was it first identified?
AIDS was first identifield in the USA in 1981

What is the number of AIDS infected people in the world nowadays?
About 10 milion people infected.

Does it mean that they will all develop AIDS?
It does not meanthat they all will develop the disease but all of them are able to infect other people. 

Can they infect other people?
AIDS is infection desease, yes they are able to infect other people.
Who are the most frequent AIDS patients?
First AIDS patient were all homosexuals, later AIDS was identified among intravenous drug abusers, hemophiliacs and other persons who had received blood transfusion, women ahose partners had AIDS, and children of these people.

What is the name of the virus which causes AIDS?
AIDS is caused by a virus which was named HIV-1

What does it do in human body?
Most people whose immune system was recently infected look feel healthy. After some years their conditoin gets worse and worse.

What are the symptoms of AIDS?
The symptoms of AIDS are persistent fever, fatigue, weaknees, diarrhea, weight loss, infection of the mouth, swelling of lymph nodes, armpits or groin.

Which means of transmission of thevirus are most frequent?
AIDS is transmitted by direct contamination of bloodstream with HIV-1 containing blood and semen.

Which contacs with an AIDS patient are safe?
Normal everyday contact with an infected person is safe.The virus is not passed on trough touching , you can not catch virus by used object infected person cups, cutlery, glasse, towels, toilet seats or door knobs. Swimming pools are safe too.

Can AIDS be cured?
The cure vaccine for AIDS has not yet been discovered.

What are the publicity campaigns concentrated on?
Large publicity campaigns all over the world telling people about AIDS.

Why do they also turn to ordinary people?
Because prevention stands in the centre of attention trying to stop more people catching the disease.

Explain the meaning of the slogan „ Do not die of ignorance“
Is the campaigns slogan – advertisements in newspapers, on TV and in the streets warn of the danger. There are telephone numbers to call if people want more information or advice. 

 What does the prevention consist in?
Prevention consist – drug addicts were warned not to share the needles they use, because that is the most usual way how the disease spreads among them.
- heterosexual people who are encouraged to use the condom which helps to cut down the risk of catching AIDS.
- advised to keep one partner because changing parnters is dangerous.

Why do the problems of morality come to the forefront?
The danger of AIDS has thus brought again to the forefront questions of morality, promiscuity and fidelity in the contemporary society.
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