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Young People and Society
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Young people and society

Youth is considered to be the best part of one’s life. But, on the other hand, it can be confusing and depressing. If one’s youth is carefree, it depends only on the way how one will solve all the adolescence issues. Are young people prepared to face the traps of society? Are they ready to enter the world of work and build their own family? In today’s world it’s very hard for a young man or woman to face the problems that can appear during their teens. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and the cruel world waits for them at each corner. And it depends only on their behaviour and background how they will walk into their future.

The first group is teenagers aged between 13 and 19. They still growing up and their ideas and thoughts are rapidly changing. They’re becoming adults. The times of days spent out with friends, playing noisy childish games, are gone. Now the cruel reality is coming. As they’re growing up very fast (not only physically but also psychically) they usually have problems like loneliness, depressions and others connected with social life. To belong to some group is often their only aim. They want to be cool and they do everything to reach that. Even, if the influence of the group is not beneficial. And this seems to me like a very frequent problem. Young people need to find themselves and become a respected part of the young community. And on this way it is very likely to come across things like drugs and hooliganism. And many people from the young generation are not strong and clever enough to withstand the temptation of the forbidden fruits. They don’t realize how they can hurt themselves and very often also their relatives.

The word independence also comes to my mind when speaking about youth. To be independent is the biggest dream of every single teenager on this planet. They want to be independent from their school, their family and their parents. And this desire causes many arguements. They want to be out till midnight, go to a disco every week, have more pocket money. But they are still forgetting that parents tremble for their safety.

To be a teenager means to care about future life and career. As a student you have to work hard at school and have as good results as possible if you want to go to university. In the leisure time you can do some sport or just hang around with friends. To have a part-time job is also very popular among young people. If they want to buy cosmetics, magazines or audio CD’s, they have to earn their own money because the pocket money that they get from their parents is definitely not high enough.

The second group includes people aged between 20 and 30. They’re slightly different from the younger ones. Their aims and ideas have changed since they were teenagers. The majority of them don’t have to care about school grades anymore. They have more serious problems like their job, house or flat and future family. In my opinion it’s not fun to earn one’s living. But what else can you do if you live alone? Maybe, you can find a partner. When you’re about 25 it’s the right time to begin thinking about starting a family.

I agree with the statement that youth is the best time of your life. Because you are strong, full of energy and ready to solve problems. You can still behave a little bit crazy and the older generation will accept that because of your age. It’s the right time for trying adrenaline sports and enjoying all the things that today’s world can offer.
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