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The United States of America – the richest and one of the biggest countries in the world – has several names. People say “the United States”, “the States”, “America”, or just “the USA” or “the US”.

The American Indians were the first people to live in that vast land. They had a fascinating, ancient culture, and a rich tradition of language and customs.

But then, the immigrants came. Most came from Europe, but there are also many from the Middle East and the Far East, millions from Africa. Now there are more than 25 million British Americans, about 23 million African Americans, 25 million German Americans and more Irish Americans than the whole population of Ireland.

In 1620 the Puritans discriminated in England by King James I who was a Protestant came from England in their ship the Mayflower and reached north America. Their first colonies were called new England and they were called Pilgrim Fathers. During they first winter, over one half of the settlers died. The rest survived and learned from local „Indians“ how to farm and catch fish. The following November, after their first successful harvest, they celebrated with a special „Thanksgiving“ dinner.

The War began in 1775 and a year later colonical representatives declared independence from the King George III. The Declaration of independence belongs to the most important documents. It was signed on July 4, 1776 by all 13 colonies in Philadelphia. This day was called Independence Day. The result was six year of war which ended in victory for the Americans led by George Washington who later became the first president of the USA. The War ended in 1781 but it wasn´t until 1783 that England officially recognized the independence of the USA.

The USA enganged in many wars – The second World War, war in Cuba, Vietnam War, Korean War, Afghan War and Iraq War. But 11. 9. 2001 the terorists attacked the US. World Trade Center with Tweens Towers ended in shambles and Penthagon was endangered. This moment for ever changed whole of the USA.

There are 50 states in the USA. Over 200 milion people live in them. There is no “American climate” or “American countriside”. Every part of the country is different, from Alaska in the north, covered with snow and ice, to tropical Florida in the south.
In America, the President is the head of the state. He makes the most important desicions and chooses the members of his cabinet who will help him to govern the country. The President also represents the United States on official occasions.
Congress has two parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The President cannot act without the Senate’s agreement.
Every state in the United States hes its governor, its own police and its own laws.

In the USA, different states celebrate different holidays. Ther are only five national holidays that are celebrated in every state. These are:
New Year’s Day
Independence Day / July 4th
Labor Day / first Monday of September
Thanksgiving Day / fourth Thursday of November
Christmas Day.

Baseball is the most popular summer sport in America. Americans play tennis, hockey, basketball. American Football is a very different game.


California is a beatiful country on the western coast of the US. The most enjoyable places are Disneyland, Universal Studios in Hollywood and the Sea World in San Diego.

Las Vegas lies in Nevada. It is visited by more than 12 million visitors every year. They want to get rich quickly in its casinos. They also go to see many famous singers, comediants, dancers and musicians in its hotels and nightclubs.
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