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Here is a little about Athens. I used it for my presentation from English. It is about for 5 minutes of speaking. I hope you will enjoy :)

Athens is a capital city of Greece. Its a very big city with a 5 milion population. It is the same like whole Slovakia. Athens is full of monuments. Its a very old city.
One of the most known monuments is the Acropolis. It´s a temple for Athena. Her statue was inside the Acropolis.
Now I´ll tell u, why people built this temple for Athena. People had to choose between Athena and Poseidon. Poseidon offered to people water. But they realized that its sea water, and its salty. Athena made a tree with olives. She said that with oviles, they will never be thirsty and hungry. People chose Athena and they built her a temple. In 480, Persians destroyed the tempe of Athena. This catastrophe gave them a chance to make the Acropolis stronger, with better basis. Nowadays, it isnt solved how did they build regular shapes of the columns from huge stones. They are in Doric style.
When u look down from the Acropolis, u will see the Temple of Zeus. The Temple of Zeus are just some columns, but they are very high and very interesting. These columns are built in Corinthian style.

In Athens, theres a museum and there are lost of statues and things to see. Its very interesting. If u want to see everything, u have to be there great deal of hours. U can see paintings, statues, tools, equipments and reliefs of life of Athens people.
Athens is a modern city now. Streets are very narrow and they are full of parking cars. This is the problem of modern Athens cause traffics are very heavy and make a lot of smog in the city. This smog cruches the Athens monuments.
In 2004 there were Olympic games on Athens stadium. These Olympic games were in Athens after more than 100 years. There were the first Olympic games, too.
And this is all about Athens. Its a nice city with lots of interesting places.
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