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34 Abel Tassman Street
Brisbane, QL 27725
October 20, 2016

Mr. Henry Beauchamp-Proctor
Director of Administration
OneSteel Industries
575 Bother’s Run Drive
Brisbane, QL 27725

Dear Mr. Beauchamp-Proctor:

I am writing to apply for the Sales Manager position that was advertised in The Queensland Daily Tribune on October 19.

My six years experiences in metal-processing industry have provided me with the substantial knowledge of various metallurgical products. In last two years I utilized my knowledge of advanced statistics gaining valuable skills in Microsoft Excel. I am especially proud of my invention of recurved dispersion formula that has improved statistic analysis systemwide.
I can contribute to OneSteel Industries growth not only by marketing management education but also by experience in this field. I believe my adaptability, dedication, creative approach and ability to bear responsibility would be of great use for your company.

If you find my qualifications convenient consider me please for that position. Call me any afternoon between 2 and 5 p.m at (220) 453-6271 in case we would arrange an interview.


Michal Illovsky

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