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The United States of America
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The United States has almost all the geographical features a country can have. There are mountains in the East (Appalachian)and West(Rocky, Cascade and Sierra Nevada Mountains).There are deserts in the Southwest and plains in the north central part of the country.The South is home to many lowlands and swamps.
The capital of the US is Washington,D.C. named after George Washington,the first President. There are exactly 50 states in the US(not 51 or 52 as some people in the Europe think).The District of Columbia is not a state. However,some territories also belong to the US-Puerto Rico,Guam,and others.

The area of the United States was originally a British colony but in 1776,the colonists rebelled against the British eventually winning their independence.The first constitution was proclaimed in 1789. In the US Civil War(1861-1865)the North won,and the southern tradition of slavery was ended. After the two world wars, the Cold War began,in which the US and the Soviet Union became enemies.It ended in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union.

The American flag is red,white,and blue.The thirteen red and white stripes represent the original thirteen colonies.There are fifty white stars ,each representing one state.

The present population of the US is approximately 280 million inhabitants.Americans are of every race.Many are of European and African heritage,and a growing number are of Hispanic origin.There are also Native Americans(Indians) and many Asians in the population.There is no typical looking American.The US is often called the "Great Melting Pot".

The United States has one of the strongest economies in the world.It is one of the largest producers of computer components adn software.It also producers motor vehicles,machinery and telecommunications equipment.Agricultural products from the US are exported around the world.

Children attend kindergarten,usually at the age of five.Then they go to elementary school for six grades and after that a middle school(or junior high school)for 2-3 years.Secondary education consists of high school(usually for 3 or 4 years).All students attend the same school but those students going on to university must take more difficult classes.University is very different in the US than in Europe and so are the degrees.An Associates Degree(AA)can usually be attained after two years a Bachelor´s Degree(BA,BS)after 4-5 years, a Master´s Degree(MA,MS)in 5-7 years, and a Doctorate(PhD and others)after 7-8 years.University is very expensive in the US.

American football,baseball,basketball,ice hockey and golf are the most popular sports.Sports are particularly important at university.
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