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My daily programme
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As a mother my daily programme is quite busy. My day starts when I hear my little angel squeak, that’s the way she wakes up and tells me: “Mum, I am hungry”. So I breastfeed her, then change her diaper and her clothes. After all this it is time for me to wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair. I am happy when I manage to do this in short time, because if not my angel turns into a little devil. From eight to nine it’s time for games, Terezka is only 5 months old so she needs a lot of attention. Just now we’ve started to learn how to sit. But she cannot do it by herself yet. Although I can’t leave her alone because she can already turn from her back on her belly and other way around. After the games I put her in her crib and she usually sleeps for an hour. This is time for my breakfast and some cleaning. When I hear her mutter I know she is up and I give her some rattles to play with or we play together. She needs a lot of practice, how to catch things and how to move something from one hand to another. At half past eleven it is time to eat for Terezka, after this I change her diaper again. Then I take her outside and she sleeps in her buggy. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we go swimming to the town. It’s a special swimming for babies, and it’s very good for them, it helps them coordinate their movements and many other useful things. Now we are advanced and Terezka often goes under water. Later, she will learn to dive all by herself. At half past six, I bathe Terezka, feed her and then she goes to bed. Mostly she sleeps all night to five or six in the morning, then I feed her and we sleep another hour or so. When she has a bad night, we are both tired next day. In the evening, when my child sleeps, comes the time when I may do what I want. After the whole day spent with her I love to have a peaceful hour doing handwork, crocheting or knitting. Then I like to read and sometimes I wake up at midnight with the book in my hands. Every Monday and Saturday in the afternoon I help my neighbour with her English. She says that they have an awful English teacher at school. Saturday morning means cleaning and vacuuming. In the afternoon we often go to the town to visit our friends or just for a walk to the park. Sometimes we go swimming. On Sunday I have a small holiday, because in the afternoon my husband takes our daughter for a walk and I have a free afternoon. Well three hours is not much but one who has a small child will understand that this is a special moment.

When my maternity leave ends, I would like to get a job as a teacher. I’ve dreamed of this for years. And I also like that I would have nearly two months of holiday! I like the idea of working with children. I know they are very stubborn and often lazy, but I believe I can handle them. Children are very curious, and they like learning, but I think it’s up to the teacher to make the subject interesting for them. As for the organization of the day, I prefer that I would have the time schedule estimated at the start of every year. It would be best if I got the job in the nearest town, it is only fifteen minutes by car until I’m there. And I would be home before four or five o’clock in the afternoon. What I would deny for a job is a manager. They don’t have any free time; they have to work hard if they want to succeed. They are busy all the time. They are stressed when their delivery delays, or when some problem shows up. They have to find solutions quickly and they cannot afford to make any mistake. They often bring all of their work home, and along with the stress from work come family arguments and disagreements. Nervous at home and nervous at work. It is a vicious circle. As for me, I would like days that have at least forty-eight hours. I don’t say that I can’t manage all things I have to do on a certain day. I would like to do so many things, because I have a lot of interests. I can’t sit still doing nothing, this is impossible for me. My mother hates this, because she says that there are only few things, which I accomplish. I do not think so. And this is one thing that my husband loves me for. He says that I can do three things at once.

When I am nearly sleeping, lying in my bed, I think about the past day. If I come to the conclusion that I’ve done my best I am satisfied and looking forward what the next day brings.

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