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New Zealand
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New Zealand is considered “gem of azure Pacific.” You can find here everything. From snow-capped mountain peaks, bubbling mud pools, geysers, volcanoes, glaciers, forests to sunny beaches. This natural diversity could you find only here. New Zealand has 5 000 000 inhabitants on area 250,000 square kilometres. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are the main cities. Local people are friendly, especially towards travellers. Population of New Zealand contains: 90% are European, mainly British and other 10% are Maori. English and Maori are two formal languages. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It`s nick name is “City of Sails“, because there is more boats per capita. If you like polar continent and underwater world with incredible fauna you should visit Kelly Tarlton`s Antarctic Encounter. In Auckland Region is also glorious cuisine.The Bay of Island is part of country which you can`t miss on your tour.

The weather is hot and sky is blue. Everyone who loves outdoor activities find here what he likes. Fishing here is very easy. Visiting islands is not problem. Every local tour boat takes you. The kauri forest, the most beautiful nature treasure, is situated between Dargaville and Hokainga harbour. Many of trees are hundred or thousand years old.The Coromandel peninsula is great sanctuary for Aucklanders. It is truly back country, with many incredible places for sailing, swimming etc. Rotorua is number one on North Island tourism. Three fourths comprise Maori and it is a good place to learn about Maori heritage. Rotura lies on volcano of Mt. Tarawera. Other attractions are Agrodrome Leisure park, the Orchid Gardens, the Rotura Museums of Art and History, the Rainbow a Fairy Springs and the Government gardens.Kaituna River is situated 62km southeast, you can try rafting here. Close to Kaituna River is Lake Taupo. It is a volcano crater, extend 600 square kilometres. Lake Taupo is perfect for swimming, sailing, fishing etc. Tongario National Park is paradise for explorers and seekers.

One of the starting points is National Park Village. When it is sunny you should see a great panoramic view of Tongario Mountains. Wellington is place for normal tourist. You can do here sightseeing, shopping, eating ang drinking. There are 500 restaurants and cafes. It is main politician city. The greatest attraction is Te Papa Museum, largest cultural complex. Nelson is the sunniest city and its weather inspire man artist like painters, potters, wood workers, glassblowers, sculptors and weavers. Sand beaches and lagoons with blue water are best place for kayak exploring. Bird lovers should visit Farwell Split, a bird sanctuary.The West Coast is for lovers unspoiled nature. Five national parks are in the area. Around edges bushes you can see wood pigeon. You can also here pan gold.Fiorland is the largest national park. With some luck you can see fur seals, dolphins an penguins.
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