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Every day hundreds of people travel from one place to anothre.They travel to work,to school or on business.Many people travel fpr pleasure.Travelling is also an interesting way of spending holidays.When people travel a long distance,they usually travel by air,It is exciting fast,comfortable,relatively safe but rather expensive.In such countries as the USA traveling by plane has become quite common.When people choose to travel by plane they usually go or phone to the airlines or travel agency to get information about flights,reservationsand prices of air tickets.Then they book or buy the tickets there.

At the airport the passengers have to show their flight tickets,passport snd the luggage.In the plane the stewardess show them their seats.Before start you can see the notice-Fasten your safety belts,No smoking.During the flight the stewards offers the passengers some meals,dring and sweet.Travelling by train is the most common form of travelling.In our country trains are used daily by many people.Coches are buses for long distance travelling.They are fast and prices are quite reasonable.Many people think that car is the most comfortable for travelling,Many people enjoy driving a car at a high speed and donot think of the dangers of fast driving.Many young people of all countries like travelling bz bike.
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