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The family is group people consisting of one or two parents and their children. Living in a family is important for every person being, because our family supports us when we need it and they are with us in all the important moments of our lives.

Family members get together on special occasions, such as birthday, name day, christening, holy communication, confirmation, weddings and funerals. Most people love going to this occasions, because we see our whole family and have the chance to talk to our cousins, aunts and uncles who we don’t see very often.

We have different relationships with the people we live with. The relationships with parents hat every person different. Parents think today’s children, do not respect any adult, are impolite and sometimes rude and even lazy. The generation gap has existed for hundreds of years and it seems that the solution may be a kind of compromise. Parents should try to build friendly relationships with their children, instead of scolding them all the time. They should talk to their kids and try to find solutions together.

Relationships with grandparents are similar to those with our parents, but there is one important difference. They are not responsible for us. As we don’t live with them, so most of us see our grandparents only one or two days in week.Begin a member of the family means duties, a such as cleaning, sweeping floors, doing the washing up, to the vacuum cleaning, working in the garden and talking out the rubbish. Girls usually help their mothers in the kitchen and boys usually help their fathers with household repairs.

Problem in family: Many children grow up in families in which relationships are broken. Sometimes they live in a single – parent family, with just their mother or father if a parent has died or their parents are divorced.


The divorce rate is rising, so more and more children live in families that cannot help them overcome the problems teenagers face every day.


As in the family live mother and father with these problems. Parents don’t care of their children live is very difficult for this family, both financially and emotionally.


Problem called addiction is at children in teens, because they tend to spend much of their time out and prefer making own decision, which aren’t always right. Fortunately, I live in happy and big family, which haven’t these problems.


Christening Bringing Up Baby

The purpose of a christening is providing a symbol that you want to bring your child up in the eyes of God, and will try to provide them with Christian beliefs to the best of your abilities. The water represents a fresh start after having been born into human sin. Usually, the parents must be members of the church where the baptism takes place, but in many churches it's not mandatory. Check with your houses of worship in your area if you are not an active member for their standards and baptism regulations.


Another beautiful tradition included in Christening is assigning three or four people as "Godparents", or close friends or family who promise to help the parents bring up the child in Christianity. As with the other "rules", Godparents in many churches are no longer a necessary part of the Christening, although it is recommended - since all parents need some help.When To BaptizeThere is usually no age limit on when a baby should be baptized. Again, check with your local church to see if they have suggestions as an approximate appropriate age.

The Celebration

After the religious ceremony is finished, many times the family and close friends go out for lunch, or there is a reception of some sort at the family's home. Gifts for the baby are appropriate but by no means required.BirthdayFor a birthday is usually an organized party where friends and relatives are invited. They congratulate you and give you a personal presents.

Green ribbon party

Students organize a green ribbon party, before they take their leaving exams. They send the greetings to their friends and family members. Together with their teacher book a hall in a hotel or a restaurant and invite the teachers, parents and friends to enjoy this moment with them. There is an official ceremony where students sing student's anthem Gaudeamus Igitur and receive a green ribbons from their head teacher. Green ribbon is a symbol of hope that leaving exams will be successfully passed.


Wedding is a big day for two people who decided to get married. Before the wedding day a lot of preparations have to be done. First of all they choose the form of wedding announcement and wedding invitation and get them printed. Then they have to book a hotel or a restaurant where the wedding reception will take a part then flowers, the bouquet for the bride has to be done, DJ or live band, photographer and the bus and cars should be booked, cakes can be ordered or home-made. Bride can book her wedding dress or she can have it done or simply she can borrow it.The future husband should buy wedding rings. Before the wedding day bride and bridegroom have the separate parties to farewell with their freedom. The bride's friends organize a party only for women and bridegroom's friends organize a party just for the men.The official part is organized in a registry office and it can continue in a church. The unofficial ceremony is a wedding reception where wedding have a nice meal and drinks and they enjoy themselves. After the wedding day young married couple goes on a honeymoon.

Advantages and disadvantages, when you are single:


- you have a lot of spare time - you don't have to cook for anybody - you can keep your money for yourself if you don't support your parents or someone else - you are independent and you can carry out your things on your own - you don't have to care for other members of family. - you feel quite contented and happy- you have a feeling that someone needs you


- you still look for your future partner which becomes harder and harder as you turn older - your parents try to organize your spare time, because they think that if you are still single you still belong to them - you have to deal your housework on your own - you often feel sad or empty because you don't have anybody round to talk to or to look after.

The most important thing in the marriage is to adjust to your life partner and to your children and to their needs. I think, that one day every child becomes an adult, falls in love, gets married and the long existing pattern of family is repeated in a new generation.

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