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People are different all over the world. They live in various conditions, which influence the foof they eat. People living in colder countries need to eat more fatty products and foofs which give them a lot of energy. People living in hot countries need to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables to give their body enough energy and liquids.

We have different eating habits, too. Some of us prefer eating in the morning, others like to enjoy their meal in the evening.

Breakfast provides an invaluable opportunity to enable you to maximize your well-being. A bowl of fresh fruit salad, will provide a slow release of energy to help you get through the morning, as well as a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Scrambled eggs on toast, on the other hand, supply a dose of protein..

It has been proven that the body performs and feels better if you eat something between waking up and having lunch. Children who have breakfasted properly generally have better reaction times and are also more proficient at such problem-solving exercises like mental arithmetic.

Eating habits are influenced by things like our wok and lifestyle. In Slovakia, women spend a lot of time cooking because they think that homemade foof is much better than food you buy ready-made at the store.

Convenience food is food which is easy to prepare and can be used at any time, for example tinned or frozen food. Many people living on their own prefer this style of eating.

At work, some people usually have a sandwich and instant soup, which can be very quickly prepared. Others have their meals in the canteen or go to a fast food place.

Every country has some kind of special traditional meal. Fish and chips are considered typicall British. Both are usually wrapped in paper and eaten outside.

Vegetarians are people who do not eat meat or fish. They eat only foods such as vegetables, grains, fruit. Vegetarians are less likely to suffer from heart disease, because it is unhealthy to eat too much meat. Vegans not only do not eat meat and fish, they do not eat any animal products at all, e.g. eggs, cheese and milk.
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