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Sports are physical activities that people do to keep fit or because they enjoy them. Others prefer watching and supporting their teams or favourites. We can go swimming, skiing, riding...but we can also do activities like aerobics, judo, karate and athletics. On the other hand we play games like tennis, football or golf.

Sports and games are indoor or outdoor. A typical indoor game is bowling, playing darts, biliard, aerobics and gymnastics. A centre where people can do all kinfňds of different sports is called a sports centre. We usually exercise when we want our body to be healthy. Most of us are amateurs, doing sports for pleasure. Some people become professionals which means that they get paid to do sport. They have to work very hard because they attend many competitions and the main goal is to win. While some sportmen dream of winning the world championships or an Olympic medal, tennis players attend tournaments at Wimbledon or Flushing Meadow.

Fairplay is controlled by referees (football, rugby) or umpires (tennis, cricket).

The most popular game for men si football ( in American English soccer) when eleven players ( backs, half-backs and forwards) want to score or defend their goalkeeper. Football teams compete for a cup in different competitions such as the League Championship or the Worls Championship. The fans usually support their teams but many times hooliganism appears on the football feild. In Britain hooliganism at matches is often a serious problem. A lot of young people travelling to support their footballers cause considerable vandalism during the journey.

Each sportsman´s dream is to take part in the Olympics which is an international competition held every four years in different country.

More and more people are going for extreme sports like bungee jumping.

Sometimes there are doping scandals, sportsmen take drugs and they are tested positive for anabolic steroids.

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