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Trnava lies on a large lowland in the south-western part of Slovakia. You can find it between the capital Bratislava and the world-known spa Piestany.

In 1238 Trnava has given some town privileges by Belo IV. and it became the first free royal town in Slovakia.
In 1635 archbishop Peter Pazmany founded the University which cousisted of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology and later Faculty of Law and Medicine.
In 1777 the University was removed to Budin.
In 1792 Trnava became the centre of Slovak Learned Association, headed by Anton Bernolak, the founder of the first literary Slovak language.

Today Trnava is a modern and fast growing town. It has over 80 000 inhabitants. It si the seat of many factories: PSA Peugeot, Citroen, Sony, sweet factory - Figaro, Trnava Motorcar Works, glass fibre facory - Skloplast, Railway Truck Repair Workshops, Nuclear power plant in Jaslovke Bohunice and so on.

There are many primary schools, secondary schools, Technical University and Trnava´s University. There are also new settlements, cinemas, Trade Unions House og Culture, several playgrounds, swimming pools, stadiums and a nice sport hall.


There are 13 churches in this town, so Trnava is called "Little Rome". The most famous are beautiful University Church build in baroque style, St. Nicolas Church and the oldest is St.Helen´s Church. The town walls build in 12th and 13th centuries are the oldest building in this town. In the historical centre of the town you can find Trinity Square. You can climb the Town Tower. From the top of it you can see both the historical and modern parts of the town. In Trinity Square you can admire the theatre built in 1831 with nice Mirror Hall. Not far from the theatre there is the building of the Town Hall, which is situated on Main Street.
On your way into the centre of the town you can find Anton Bernolak´s monument, which is situated in the small park next to Bernolak´s gate. The West - Slovakian Museum has collections of history, archeology and natural sciences.
If you became tired after a long walk you can have a rest on the beuch in pedestrian zone in centre of the town or visit one of the snack bars, restaurants or cafes.
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