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A family consist of people who are socially related to one another. Family members should respect one another. Word family should involve people who love me and will be always here for me if I need them and home should imagine a place where I can return whenever I need it and its door will be always open for me.

But when home is said, it is different meaning for different people. For little children is it parents who care about them and brothers/sisters who they play with. For housewife it means a lot of work, for example cooking or caring about children. For teenager home means only strict rules, arguments about behavior or school results and pocket money.

I think this imagine a big gap between teenagers and their parents. The reason is missunderstanding. Teenagers could see only their friends and fun and their parents can`t understand how important it is for them. They are sure that school should be at first place and sometimes make strict rules for their children. Teenagers break these rules and then number of arguments arise. So they don`t like spending their time at home and they are rather somewhere with their friends. I think this is the reason why some students go to university in another place away from ther parents and far from home. They could be there eventually independent and unrestricted.

And how should family work? As I said before, family members should respect and love one another. They should talk together about everything and trust one another. They should spend a lot of time together, do some common activities in their free time. Parents shouldn`t think only about work and money, but ought to be engaged in their children. They should often visit other family members (grandparent, uncles, aunts, etc.) to keep good relationships. Some families are together only on holiday, for example at Christmas or Easter, but they do it only because it`s their duty or habbit and not because they want. They didn`t feel good together and all family argues because of politic or something similar.

There are many types of family. First one and most usual is marriage. Most of marriages are monogamy type – it means you can be legally married to one partner of opposite sex (in some countries the same sex) and when you want another partner, you must divorce or wait until he/she will die.
The second one is cohabitation = two people live together, have their children but they aren`t formally married. This type becomes more popular in the last time and I prefer it too. As I think the marriage is only piece of paper and if people love one another, they can live together without it.

The others are extended, single-parent and reconstituted family. Extended family consists of three or more generations living together. Single-parent family involves one parent and dependent child or children. Reconstituted family is made of two divorced and then married with another partner. They bring up together their children from the first and from present marriage.

I want to have my own family when I will be about 30 or 35 years old. At first I want to finish university, find some well paid job and earn enough money. As I think money are very important in this time and I want to provide my children.

I think is isn`t good in general to get married too early. Some couples get married when they are 18 years old and they have often children very early. I am not sure it is good for them because I think that they are too young to know exactly who they want to spend their life with and how. As I heard a lot of these marriages don`t persist long time and finished with divorce.

Another disadvantage of these marriages is lack of money. They usually don`t have well paid jobs, so they don`t have enough money for their own living and they must live with their parents.

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