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Travelling is the method how to get from one place to another place. People have used travelling for along time. One hundred years ago they travelled on horses, by carriages (kočár), on foot and later in trains. Now is travelling very popular.People all around the world travel for various reasons. They have to go to school, to work,to visit they friends or family, for a holiday and for culture. They have to go shopping too. And people from small villages use travelling to go in big cities. I think, many people like travelling, because it is exciting.Travelling takes up more time in our lives.

There are two ways of travelling. We can use our means of transport or we can use the public transport. The public transport is very important (důležitý).People and goods (zboží) can by transported by land, by air or by water.

Water transport is relatively cheap but quite (poměrně) slow. Water transport is used especially for transporting goods. There are cargo (nákladní lodě) and passengers vessels (loď, plavidlo), ferries (přívoz) and steamboats (parníky) on the rivers, sees and oceans. But not many people have the courage[karidž] (odvaha) to board a ship, because they are afraid (obávat se) of sea-sick.

The fastest way of travveling is to travel by air, but it is also the most expensive. People in our country take plane when they go abroud (zahraniči). At the airport we buy an air tiket, we go through the passport control and security check (ověření). Our luggage are checked and then we wait until the plane is ready for take-off. After taking off people can’t smoke and use mobile phone. In the plane is a fly attendant. She serves drings,something small to eat and when we need a help she cames and asks what we need.We can choose first or second class. Some rich people can also hire (pronajmout) a helicopter.

Other kind of public transport is the underground – in the Czech Republic we can use it only in Prague, but it has only three lines A,B and C. In Amerika is called subway or tube. Other kinds are trams, trolley buses and buses. Sometimes people travel by bus to foreign countries, so they travel by coach (dálkový autobus). In London there are typical red double-decker buses.

The taxi are maybe more comfortable, but also more expensive. American cabs (taxíky) have got a typical yellow colour and in England the taxis look like historical black car. Young people have not much money and the use hitschhiking (stopování). It is the cheapest way of transport but also the slowest and quite dangerous.
For example for commuting (dojíždění) we can use trains. The express trains are expensive, but very fast.

We can travel in business class (první třída) or in economy class (druhá třída), it is cheaper. But sometimes we have to change trains at interchange stations (přestupní stanice). We can make a mistake and we don’t like never-ending waiting at platforms. We must buy a ticket – single ticket (jednoduchá jízdenka) or return ticket (zpáteční jízdenka). We use the single ticket if we want to go from one place to another. And if we want to go back we use the return ticket. We have smoker and non-smoker compartment (kupé). Usually a train consists of passenger carriages, sleeping-car and dining-car. People must be careful (pečlivý, opatrný) on their departures (odjezdy) and arrivals (příjezdy). Stations consist of a big hall with a ticket office, the deparatures and arrivals board, telephones, waiting hall, a restaurant, a drink machine, toilettes and sometimes it is decorated by some flowers and a little fountain.From the platform we get on the train and look for a free seat. If all seats are occupied we must move into another carriage (vagón) and try it again there. When we are seated and the train starts, we can spend the time talking with fellow passenger, eat some food or play cards. Our ticket is controlled by conductor [kendakt] (průvodčí). But in Britain is not a conductor, but you give your ticket to a ticket collector (sběratel,l apač).

Bikes or motorbikes are very popular mainly among (mezi) young people. The most typical mean of transport is still a car.I thing that almost everyone has got his own car. For short and middle distance a car is fast enough, but we can get to a traffic jam. Sometimes we can wait in a jam for a few hours. Modern car are sometimes more comfortable than the interior of a plane: soft seats, a lot of space fot the legs and even more. If you want to drive a car you must have a driving licence. Cars are to be driven on the right side of the road, but in a Great Britain and some other countries, there people drive on the left. When we travel by car we have to be very careful, because there are many accidents. A lot of people die in a car crash.
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