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Choosing one´s career in an important step in everybody´l life.
Most children have only vague ideas of what they want to be.
In childhood and even later as teenagers, ve don´t thin kard about how important ecision is. Girls dream about profession as actress, pop singer, ballet dancer.

Boy want to be heros as policemen, firemanen, doctors, soldiers.
But as they are getting older their criteria for choosing their profession are becoming more realistic and they have to coordinate their own interests, hopes, desires.

Some children look up to their parents and want to follow in their foosteps.
The time for this final decision to be made during secondary school,between the ages of 16-19
Young people nowadays want to be lawyers, economists, managers, computer analysts or doctors.
These mentioned jobs require higher education avaliable at universities and colleges.

Various statics show that joung people with higher education have better chance of finding a job to their satisfaction.
Looking for a job is quite a demanding occupation in itself, but there are many resources to help those who want to find a job.
Advertisements in national and local newspapers, job centres or employment offices which can be helpful mostly in organizing re-qualification trainings for tose who have been made redundant.
After evaluating information about a would-be jobg one has to write application with curriculum vitae and covering letter.

Curriculm vitae contain:
personal details- full name, address, phone number, date of birth, marital status
education and qualification- the schools and collefes you went to(with dates) and the examinations you passed. Mention any professional qualifications that you have.
work experience: beginning with your present hob and working backwards – give the dates for each post held, the organizations you worked for and brief description of your responsibility.

Covering letter

  • the job you are applying for, and where you saw it advertised
  • how your work experience is relevat to the vacancy
  • how your education, training or qualifications are relevant
  • why you are interested in the job
  • how available you are for interviews
    finally are others skills and hobbies- foreigne languages, valuantary work

The aim of the application is to get an interview.
You should find out everything you can abou the firm.
Be prepared to talk about yourself, your qualifications, interests.
The interview is very important stage in the procedure of getting a job.

  • You should be early. If you are late, the interviewer will think you are not very interested.
  • Wear resonable clothes. Be comfortable but smart.
  • Be polite
  • Listen what is the interviewer asking you. What does he want to know.
  • Talk clearly
  • Answer not only yes or no, try to get a conversation going
  • look the interviewer in the eye
  • be honest, if you don´t know the answer to a question, don´t be afraid to say so

After a successful job interview, the emploee and employer sign a work contract which clearly states the job description, duties and responsibilities, working time, salary conditions and promotions. The job may include seeral fringe benefits- extra advantages as company car.

When you start working, you have to learn how to get on with your wokmates and new working enviroments.
Good worker must plan his work ahead, sometimes do overtime, be flexible, work thorouglhy, be able to concentrate on a single task.

Although the right to work is one of the basic rights of human beings, everybody must be prepared for the possibility of losing their job.

There is a part of the population considering being unemployed more beneficial to going to work, the majority regard work as crucial to their existence.

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