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Young people
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It is natural that each generation of young people differs from the one before it. Out grandparents lived in totally different conditions which influenced their behaviour, attitude towards society and values.

Currently, we have returned a bit to the fashions of the previous years.

Young people prefer to wear brand name clothing or more and more young people are also dressing n sexy styles. Girls are careful their make-up and hairstyle, too, while boys use aftershave or cologne.

Young people have access to all the modern inventions that make our lives easier. They cannot imagine life without a computer or mobile phone.

In the developed world, young people are usually well-educated, experienced and self-confident. They are often hardworking, but they understand that only relaxed and healthy people can enjoy their work and life. So they invest in their health, try to eat healthier meals and work out the gym or play a sport regularly.

Many young people today start their own families later in life than their parents did. In modern families, young people try to respect each other and it usually does not matter to a husband if his wife earns more money.

It’s a difference in attitude or a lack of understanding between young and older people.
Discipline in the families is not as strict today as it used to be when children were beaten or caned. Today, young people show greater self-confidence which annoys many older people.
The old people – are more experienced, they assume they can give advice. They want the young to respect them. Teenagers think that older people are old-fashioned, boring, moody, unpleasant and nervous.
The young people- don’t want to listen to their parents’ advice. They think they have nothing in common with them, they have different opinions and sense of life.

In is said that youth is the nicest time of one’s life. As a young person you are fit, strong and have enough energy to face problems, you look forward to every day in which you may try something new and challenging.

Teenagers are a special group, they are not children any more, neither are they adults.
Teenagers want to live independently but their parents afraid of this. In their leisure time they like meeting friends, listening to music, playing computer games and going to parties and discos. They should work after a study or during the holiday. They spent the money for cosmetics, food, and some cd´s and so on.
Young people between 20 and 30 are a bit different. Most of them have finished school and have found a job. Their problems are different from problems of teenagers. They are adults so they find a house or flat. May get married and have children.

Nowadays lots of young people are copying their favorite footballers and pop singers or some of life style. For example hippies. Men and women grew their hair ling, wore Indian style silk clothes and usually wore or carried flowers. They believed in love and peace which became known as flower power. They are known for take drugs as grass or LSD.
Punks wore black clothes, out safety pins through their ears and noses and often had strange, spiky, multicolored hairstyles. They listen Punk Rock and take anything from beer to heroin.

Ravers were young people who enjoyed going into illegal and spontaneous parties in large empty buildings. A style of music developed called Techno Music and ravers danced all night to it.

Heavy metal fans wear denim clothes with sewn on symbols and badges. They listen hard rock, deafening, amplified.

Hairstyle: People have different attitudes to hairstyle fashion. Some prefer easy hairstyle, but some prefer extreme and so different hairstyle. Some groups have different hairstyles e.g. punks or anarchists. They have extreme hair, crazy color.

Tattoos and piercing: Tattoos and piercing are very popular in this age. Young people prefer this body decoration. It’s very modern. Piercing you can have anywhere.

Alcohol is part of most people’s lives form their teens onwards. Experimentation with alcohol begins at an early age, typically with parents. Normally they seldom talk with their children about alcohol because they are in two minds about whether their children should be drinking at all. Children should drinking at parties where there is nor adult supervision. But however socially acceptable, wide-spread and common alcohol is, it is still a potentially dangerous drug.
Young people don’t understand the risks they are taking. As a result they get drunk, lose their inhibitions, become violent, drink and drive or and up with an unwanted pregnancy.

People take drugs because they have a weak personality and because they are inadequate in some way. They take them to escape from their problems. They take them for pleasure because they like the effects, of curiosity, fashion.
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