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Eating in my family
In our family ve have four meals a day, but only at weekend, because at the week we aren´t too much together ( school, work ). So we have breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
At the weekend we have our breakfast at about half past nine because we wake up later. For breakfast we have rolls, bread or sometimes fancy bread with jam, marmelade, honey and butter. We drink cocoa, tea or coffee. For lunch whitch is between one and two o´clock we have sometimes fish cook on fires, pancake, or traditional roast pork with cabbage and dumplings.
During week we usually have for breakfast the same food as at the weekend. At breakfast I prepare school snack I have my next meal in school canteen. Because we can we can choose what we shall eat, I am always content with food. When I come home, I seldom eat once more with my father his lunch. we have also afternoon interval, snack. We drink coffee and at some time we have something sweet, which is usually made by my granny. She likes baking and that´s why we've often baked cakes and pies. For dinner we have either yoghurt ( in summer with fruits, like strawberry, cherry, apples, blackberries, raspberry or red currants, from garden ) or rolls with salami, ham, ketchup, cheese and spread butter. This “sandvich“ I sometimes little warme in microwave oven. It is kishaw!

Eating in Czech Republic
Czech cuisine is less healthy and fat than English or American because we eat more. In the Czech Republic we are used to eating many floury, fatty and sweet meals, like pastry, dumplings and sausages.
Typical Czech dishes are roast pork with cabbage and dumplings, Vienna steak with potatoe salad, goulash with dumplings or sirloin sauce with dumplings, but and potato pancake or fruit dumplings with cottage cheesse and we served Czech beer or mineral water, lemonade, juice with it.
The main meal in our country is lunch ( in English it can be dinner ). It has usually three courses – soup, main course and a dessert. In Czech Republic evening meal isn´t so nutrious because we have hot meal at midday. It can be some cold meat, but some people prefer hot meal too. For dinner are typical pancakes, pizza, goulash with bread or risotto.
At Christmas fish soup, fried carp and potatoe salad is served. As a dessert home made sweets or apple strudel.

Eating in Britain
The English day usually starts completely otherwise. They don't need any food for breakfast. They begin the day with cup of coffee or tea in the morning in bed. But the traditional English breakfast starts with glass of juice and cornflakes with milk or cream with sugar, or porridge. It´s followed by fried bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes, or kippers.
Sometimes, when they get up later, they have brunch. It´s combination of breakfast and lunch.
English lunch is quite light. This meal is often consists of a salad, ham and cheese sandviches, pizza and hamburges. But they often eat only fast food like McDonald´s, Burger King, Wendy’s, or fish and chips. If the lunch is the main meal of the day it is called dinner.
A special occasion in Britain is afternoon snack called afternoon tea. It´s around four o´clock and it consists of thin slices of brown or white bread and butter with cheese, fish or ham, some vegetables, and jam, cakes, fruit pies, biscuits and tea or coffee whitch is drinking with milk. But nowday people don´t eat much at teatime, they have only cup of tea or coffee.
Dinner is practically main meal of the day in Britain. The hot dinner is served around seven o´clock and may have three or four courses. Like the first can be soup or some other starter, then main course ( like meat and fish with vegetables ), dessert and perhaps biscuits with cheese. This meat eating for dinner can be roasted, stewed or chopped. They eat a lot of vegetables like beans, carrot, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, cauliflower or brocoli. As a dessert they have fruit salad, fruit pie, fruit cake, pudding, jelly with cream, ice cream or only alone friuts. With dinner they may drink beer, wine or some other alcohol.
Later in the evening they have supper. In the South it consists of sandvich, cold meat and vegetables.
For Christmas Day there is in many families prepared roast turkey with potatoes, Christmas pudding and minced pies as a sweet. In Britain we can get excelent food in lots of different kinds of restaurants – Greek, Italian, French, Thai…even British. Traditional British pubs serve good meals and good prices. The most popular is now pizza and curry.

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