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Sports and games
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Sports and games

•difference between sport and game is the sport is played separately and gamesare played with team and usually with some kind of ball
•there are a lot of types of sports and games, we can practise indoor ( table tennis, badminton, gymnastic ) and outdoor ( golf, skiing, horse ridding ) , summer and winter

•summer sports
oathletics – we can practise all the year, there is many disciplines
running – two main types : sprinters and distance runners
jumping – it´s ideal for slim and tall people
ocycling – road bikes are used on paved surface and can be seen on races like Tour de France, Vuelta…, mountain bikesare most popular for their versatility, they have fat tires and strong frame
otennis – sport which is simple to learn, it can be played indoor and outdoor when is nice weathers, to play you must have racket and good pair of boots
oswimming, horse ridding, windsurfing
oball games
football – it´s most popular in world, standart team has eleven players, we need ball, pair of football boots and some dress
basketball – it´s most popular in america, it´s played on basketball court and we must have only ball

•winter sports
oskiing - there is a lot of kinds of skiings like downhill skiing ( slalom, super g, alpine skiing ) and cross country skiing, for skiings we need pair of skis, ski boots, ski sticks, bindigs attached on skis and warm clothes
osnowboarding – is inspired by surfing, takes places on snowy mountains where people attached bord to their feet an dslide down the slope, snowboarding is olympic sport since 1998
oice skating – can be practise on frozen ponds and lakes and at skating rinks with artifical cooling, we must have only pair of skates and some dress, there are two types of skating: figure skating, where people try various spins and jumps and speed skating,
oice hockey – team sport played on ice with six players on each side who try to put puck to opponent´s net, the games requies a lot of equimpent like pads, helmets, skates and stick

•Olympic games
oit first started in 776 BC in Athen, the main idea of OG is promote perfect men both in body and soul, another idea was to keep peace during the games, Olympic games are performed every two years, once summer and once winter ( since 1924 )
omodern Games started in 1896 and is´t initiator was Piere de Coubertine, symbol of the Olympics games is the five different coloured circles on white background – they symbolise the five continents
oInternational Committe managing games from seat in Lausuanne in Switzerland

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