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Jobs and Employment
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When a person decides on their future career, they should be sure of their choice. Their occupation should bring them joy and satisfaction from a job well done. Unfortunatelly, there are more and more people who aren´t satisfied with their jobs.
When I was a child, I admired film heroes, policemen, secret agents, pilots, singers and models and I wanted to become one of them. Later I changed my mind and began studying at this type of school. I have improved my language knowledge, computer skills, I have learnt a lot about foreign countries, about history of our nation and other nations.

What is the aim of a job interview?
The aim of a job interview is to find a suitable person who can perform a certain job. When being interviewed, applicants can lose or gain everything. That´s why they have to follow several rules which can help them be successful.

  1. They must be well-dressed because it is the question of the first impression.
  2. They must communicate, which means express their thoughts and feelings clearly so that the interviewer understands them.
  3. He must show enthusiasm and an interest in the job.
  4. He must anticipate some questions, it means be ready for them in advance.
  5. He can study some books on job interviewers where he can find useful information how to survive an interview.

What advice would you give to sb going for a job interview?

When going for a job interview, we need to concentrate, it means to think nothing just about it what we are going to do.
We must listen very carefully to the questions. If we don´t understand, we must ask again or we must ask the interviewer to rephrase the question. We must think before answering but not too much.
When answering the questions, we use our past experience.
We must be positive about things we are discussing about and don´t give yes or no answers.
We must be honest and sincere.

What information about yourself will you give if you apply for a job?

An enavitable part of my job application is my CV, which contains my personal details, work experience, educational backround, further training and my skills and abilities which are relevant.

What steps would you follow when looking for a job?

Firstly, I would ask my family members, friends and former classmates if they know about a suitable job for me.
Secondly, I would go to the job centre or the employment office in my town to apply for a job.
Thirdly, I would carefully read job offers or job advertisements in newspapers.
If it is possible, I would enrol in a training course which would suit me best.
Then it is the Internet which is infinite and where I can also find many job offers.
In the end, if there is no other solution, I would take the first job that would come along/appear.

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