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Why people travel

People have to travel from one place to another, they want to reach places that are close or far away, People travel from necessity e.g they commute to school, work, go on business trips or visit their relatives or friends. Some people travel for fun, they consider travelling their hobby, they want to learn about new places, cultures, languages, get some new experiences and make new friends.

How people travel

By land- road- car, bus, bicycle, motorbike
By air- plane
By water- ship, ferry, ocean liner,


Many people consider car the most comfortable means of travelling because it is quicker than public transport.Cars can take you from door to door, you don´t depend on the timetable. Also, space for luggage is quite large.But on the other hand, cars are expensive to buy, you have to pay for petrol, and if the car has a big consumption, it can cost a lot of money. Nowadays it happens very often that you get stuck in a traffic jam or car accidents are very common these days as our roads are quite busy.


Buses are quite fast and the prices are quite reasonable. In general, modern buses are comfortable and are equipped with a bar, video or toilette. Buses are very popular when travelling abroad on holiday. These long distance buses are called coaches.


Trains are generally cheap and comfortable as you can walk during your journey. You have many carriages there, where you can find smoking or non-smoking compartment, a dining car or a sleeper. You can enjoy your journey watching the countryside out of the window.
One big advantage of trains is that they don´t pollute our environment so much. Modern trains are fast but still when the weather is bad they can be delayed.
A typical railway station is a big hall with a ticket office where one can buy a single or a return ticket and a seat reservation. There is also a big departure and arrival board, a left luggage office or lockers, a waiting hall, a restaurant, many stalls with food, books, newspapes, toilettes, drink machine and telephones. From the hall you get onto platforms where trains arrive.


Travelling by plane is the most convenient way of travelling for long distances. It is very exciting, fast, comfortable, relatively safe but on the other hand it is rather expensive and strictly dependent on the timetable and weather.
At the airport the pasengers have to show their flight tickets and passports. The luggage is weighed because each passenger can take only 20kg of luggage free of charge. Then the passengers go through the customs. For air traffic safety both people and luggage have to be checked (security check) and metal objects have to be detected. Then the passengers can go to the departure lounge. When the plane is ready to take off the announcer calls passengers to get ready and board the plane. In the plane the stewardess shows them their seats and during the flight she offers them some meals, refreshments or drinks. When the plane lands the passengers go to the arrival hall, wait for their luggage and go through the passport controll again.


  • buses
  • trams
  • trolleybuses
  • underground
  • taxi


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