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Food is very important for every people. Eating mean lot off for life, because, when we not eat, we died. The food supply to our body lot off minerals, vitamins, albumen, fat and sugar when the our body need to life. I usually eating home, because it is more healthy and i eat what i want an dit is cheapest then eat in the restaurant.

Diferent between mealsin our country and those in England is :

Englad – Breakfast is at 7 or 8 o´clock. the typical english breakfast are cereals, corn flakes, ham adn eggs, coffe or juice
The lanch is at 12 o´clock- They had for lunch only cold food , for example hamburgers and coca-cola. The dinner is at 4 o´clock, when they came home. For dinner had beaftek, fish, rice, paste. And supper is at 6 or 7 o´clock, they had salad.

Slovakia – Teh breakfast we had at 7 or 8 o´clock. For slovakia is typical breakfast yoghurt, cereals with milk or eggs with bacon and orange juice. The elevens is at 10 o’clock.For elevens we had sandwitch. The lanch is at 12 o’clock it is hot. For lunch we had soup and the second meal is for example chiken with rice or potatos. The supper is at 6 or 7 o’clock. We had poultry or salad, so food what is easily digestible.

Vegetarians are people who do not eat meat or fish. They eat only foods such as vegetables, grains, fruit and eggs, either for moral reasons or because it is thought to be healthier. Vegans not only sdon’t eat meat and fish, they don’t eat any animal product at all, example eggs, cheese and milk.

Many people generally in USA go eat to fast food. This have result in USA live more fat people.
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